GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
omp_ts_info Struct Reference

#include <omp-selectors.h>

Data Fields

const charname
unsigned int tss_mask
enum omp_tp_type tp_type
bool allow_score
const char *constvalid_properties

Detailed Description

Map trait selector keywords onto strings, allowed contexts, and
allowed property names for OMP_TRAIT_PROPERTY_NAME_LIST and
OMP_TRAIT_PROPERTY_ID properties.  If valid_properties is null,
it means that any required checking has to be done explicitly
somewhere instead of being driven by the table.  Otherwise it's a
null-terminated array of strings.   

Field Documentation

◆ allow_score

bool omp_ts_info::allow_score

◆ name

const char* omp_ts_info::name

Referenced by make_trait_property().

◆ tp_type

enum omp_tp_type omp_ts_info::tp_type

◆ tss_mask

unsigned int omp_ts_info::tss_mask

◆ valid_properties

const char* const* omp_ts_info::valid_properties

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