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output_block Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

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Data Fields

enum lto_section_type section_type
struct lto_out_decl_statedecl_state
struct lto_output_streammain_stream
struct lto_output_streamstring_stream
struct lto_output_streamcfg_stream
hash_table< string_slot_hasher > * string_hash_table
const char * current_file
int current_line
int current_col
bool current_sysp
bool reset_locus
bool emit_pwd
tree current_block
unsigned current_discr
struct streamer_tree_cache_dwriter_cache
hash_set< tree > * local_trees
struct obstack obstack

Detailed Description

Data structure holding all the data and descriptors used when writing
an LTO file.   

Field Documentation

◆ cfg_stream

struct lto_output_stream* output_block::cfg_stream

◆ current_block

tree output_block::current_block

◆ current_col

int output_block::current_col

◆ current_discr

unsigned output_block::current_discr

◆ current_file

const char* output_block::current_file

◆ current_line

int output_block::current_line

◆ current_sysp

bool output_block::current_sysp

◆ decl_state

◆ emit_pwd

bool output_block::emit_pwd

◆ local_trees

◆ main_stream

◆ obstack

struct obstack output_block::obstack

◆ reset_locus

bool output_block::reset_locus

◆ section_type

◆ string_hash_table

◆ string_stream

◆ symbol

◆ writer_cache

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