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ipa_call_summary Class Reference

#include <ipa-fnsummary.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ipa_call_summary ()
 ipa_call_summary (const ipa_call_summary &s)
 ~ipa_call_summary ()

Data Fields

vec< inline_param_summaryparam
int call_stmt_size
int call_stmt_time
unsigned int loop_depth
bool is_return_callee_uncaptured

Detailed Description

Information kept about callgraph edges.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ipa_call_summary() [1/2]

ipa_call_summary::ipa_call_summary ( )

◆ ipa_call_summary() [2/2]

ipa_call_summary::ipa_call_summary ( const ipa_call_summary & s)

◆ ~ipa_call_summary()

ipa_call_summary::~ipa_call_summary ( )

References edge_predicate_pool, and param.

Field Documentation

◆ call_stmt_size

◆ call_stmt_time

◆ is_return_callee_uncaptured

bool ipa_call_summary::is_return_callee_uncaptured

◆ loop_depth

◆ param

◆ predicate

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