GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ira_object Struct Reference

#include <ira-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for ira_object:

Data Fields

ira_allocno_t allocno
void * conflicts_array
live_range_t live_ranges
int subword
unsigned int conflicts_array_size
int id
int min
int max
HARD_REG_SET conflict_hard_regs
HARD_REG_SET total_conflict_hard_regs
int num_accumulated_conflicts
unsigned int conflict_vec_p: 1

Detailed Description

A structure representing conflict information for an allocno
(or one of its subwords).   

Field Documentation

◆ allocno

ira_allocno_t ira_object::allocno

◆ conflict_hard_regs

HARD_REG_SET ira_object::conflict_hard_regs

◆ conflict_vec_p

unsigned int ira_object::conflict_vec_p

◆ conflicts_array

void* ira_object::conflicts_array

◆ conflicts_array_size

unsigned int ira_object::conflicts_array_size

◆ id

int ira_object::id

◆ live_ranges

live_range_t ira_object::live_ranges

◆ max

int ira_object::max

◆ min

int ira_object::min

◆ num_accumulated_conflicts

int ira_object::num_accumulated_conflicts

◆ subword

int ira_object::subword

◆ total_conflict_hard_regs

HARD_REG_SET ira_object::total_conflict_hard_regs

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