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vect_unpromoted_value Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 vect_unpromoted_value ()
void set_op (tree, vect_def_type, stmt_vec_info=NULL)

Data Fields

tree op
tree type
vect_def_type dt
stmt_vec_info caster

Detailed Description

Holds information about an input operand after some sign changes
and type promotions have been peeled away.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vect_unpromoted_value()

vect_unpromoted_value::vect_unpromoted_value ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ set_op()

void vect_unpromoted_value::set_op ( tree op_in,
vect_def_type dt_in,
stmt_vec_info caster_in = NULL )
Set the operand to OP_IN, its definition type to DT_IN, and the
statement that casts it to CASTER_IN.   

References caster, dt, op, and TREE_TYPE.

Referenced by vect_look_through_possible_promotion(), vect_recog_bit_insert_pattern(), and vect_widened_op_tree().

Field Documentation

◆ caster

stmt_vec_info vect_unpromoted_value::caster

Referenced by set_op(), and vect_convert_input().

◆ dt

vect_def_type vect_unpromoted_value::dt

◆ op

◆ type

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