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eh_status Struct Reference

#include <except.h>

Collaboration diagram for eh_status:

Data Structures

union  eh_status_u

Data Fields

eh_region region_tree
vec< eh_region, va_gc > * region_array
vec< eh_landing_pad, va_gc > * lp_array
hash_map< gimple *, int > * throw_stmt_table
vec< tree, va_gc > * ttype_data
union eh_status::eh_status_u ehspec_data

Detailed Description

The exception status for each function.   

Field Documentation

◆ ehspec_data

union eh_status::eh_status_u eh_status::ehspec_data

◆ lp_array

◆ region_array

◆ region_tree

◆ throw_stmt_table

hash_map<gimple *, int>* eh_status::throw_stmt_table

◆ ttype_data

vec<tree, va_gc>* eh_status::ttype_data

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