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compare_by_pieces_d Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 compare_by_pieces_d (rtx op0, rtx op1, by_pieces_constfn op1_cfn, void *op1_cfn_data, HOST_WIDE_INT len, int align, rtx_code_label *fail_label)
void run ()

Protected Attributes

pieces_addr m_to
pieces_addr m_from
const unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT m_len
HOST_WIDE_INT m_offset
unsigned int m_align
unsigned int m_max_size
bool m_reverse
bool m_push
bool m_overlap_op_by_pieces
by_pieces_operation m_op

Private Member Functions

void generate (rtx, rtx, machine_mode) final override
bool prepare_mode (machine_mode, unsigned int) final override
void finish_mode (machine_mode) final override
fixed_size_mode get_usable_mode (fixed_size_mode, unsigned int)
fixed_size_mode smallest_fixed_size_mode_for_size (unsigned int)

Private Attributes

rtx m_accumulator
int m_count
int m_batch

Detailed Description

Context used by compare_by_pieces_genfn.  It stores the fail label
to jump to in case of miscomparison, and for branch ratios greater than 1,
it stores an accumulator and the current and maximum counts before
emitting another branch.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ compare_by_pieces_d()

compare_by_pieces_d::compare_by_pieces_d ( rtx op0,
rtx op1,
by_pieces_constfn op1_cfn,
void * op1_cfn_data,
int align,
rtx_code_label * fail_label )

References fail_label, and m_fail_label.

Member Function Documentation

◆ finish_mode()

void compare_by_pieces_d::finish_mode ( machine_mode mode)
Called after expanding a series of comparisons in MODE.  If we have
accumulated results for which we haven't emitted a branch yet, do
so now.   

Reimplemented from op_by_pieces_d.

References const0_rtx, do_compare_rtx_and_jump(), m_accumulator, m_fail_label, NULL, NULL_RTX, and profile_probability::uninitialized().

◆ generate()

void compare_by_pieces_d::generate ( rtx op0,
rtx op1,
machine_mode mode )
A callback used when iterating for a compare_by_pieces_operation.
OP0 and OP1 are the values that have been loaded and should be
compared in MODE.  DATA holds a pointer to the compare_by_pieces_data
context structure.   

Implements op_by_pieces_d.

References const0_rtx, do_compare_rtx_and_jump(), expand_binop(), m_accumulator, m_batch, m_count, m_fail_label, NULL, NULL_RTX, OPTAB_LIB_WIDEN, and profile_probability::uninitialized().

◆ get_usable_mode()

fixed_size_mode op_by_pieces_d::get_usable_mode ( fixed_size_mode mode,
unsigned int len )
This function returns the largest usable integer mode for LEN bytes
whose size is no bigger than size of MODE.   

References GET_MODE_SIZE(), op_by_pieces_d::m_align, op_by_pieces_d::m_op, op_by_pieces_d::prepare_mode(), and widest_fixed_size_mode_for_size().

Referenced by op_by_pieces_d::run().

◆ prepare_mode()

bool compare_by_pieces_d::prepare_mode ( machine_mode mode,
unsigned int align )
Return true if MODE can be used for a set of moves and comparisons,
given an alignment ALIGN.  Prepare whatever data is necessary for
later calls to generate.   

Implements op_by_pieces_d.

References can_compare_p(), ccp_jump, GET_MODE_ALIGNMENT, m_accumulator, m_batch, m_count, NULL_RTX, optab_handler(), and targetm.

◆ run()

◆ smallest_fixed_size_mode_for_size()

fixed_size_mode op_by_pieces_d::smallest_fixed_size_mode_for_size ( unsigned int size)

Field Documentation

◆ m_accumulator

rtx compare_by_pieces_d::m_accumulator

Referenced by finish_mode(), generate(), and prepare_mode().

◆ m_align

unsigned int op_by_pieces_d::m_align

◆ m_batch

int compare_by_pieces_d::m_batch

Referenced by generate(), and prepare_mode().

◆ m_count

int compare_by_pieces_d::m_count

Referenced by generate(), and prepare_mode().

◆ m_fail_label

rtx_code_label* compare_by_pieces_d::m_fail_label

◆ m_from

pieces_addr op_by_pieces_d::m_from

◆ m_len

const unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT op_by_pieces_d::m_len

◆ m_max_size

unsigned int op_by_pieces_d::m_max_size

◆ m_offset

HOST_WIDE_INT op_by_pieces_d::m_offset

◆ m_op

◆ m_overlap_op_by_pieces

bool op_by_pieces_d::m_overlap_op_by_pieces

◆ m_push

bool op_by_pieces_d::m_push

Referenced by op_by_pieces_d::run().

◆ m_reverse

◆ m_to

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