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loops_list::Iter< T > Class Template Reference

#include <cfgloop.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Iter (const loops_list &l, unsigned idx)
T operator* () const
Iteroperator++ ()
bool operator!= (const Iter &rhs) const

Private Member Functions

void fill_curr_loop ()

Private Attributes

const loops_listlist
unsigned curr_idx
class loopcurr_loop

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Iter()

template<typename T >
loops_list::Iter< T >::Iter ( const loops_list & l,
unsigned idx )

Member Function Documentation

◆ fill_curr_loop()

template<typename T >
void loops_list::Iter< T >::fill_curr_loop ( )
Starting from current index CURR_IDX (inclusive), find one index
which stands for one valid loop and fill the found loop as CURR_LOOP,
if we can't find one, set CURR_LOOP as null.   

References curr_loop, get_loop(), and ggc_alloc().

Referenced by loops_list::Iter< T >::Iter(), and loops_list::Iter< T >::operator++().

◆ operator!=()

template<typename T >
bool loops_list::Iter< T >::operator!= ( const Iter< T > & rhs) const

◆ operator*()

template<typename T >
T loops_list::Iter< T >::operator* ( ) const

◆ operator++()

Field Documentation

◆ curr_idx

◆ curr_loop

◆ list

template<typename T >
const loops_list& loops_list::Iter< T >::list

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