GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
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1/* General-purpose hooks.
2 Copyright (C) 2002-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
4 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
5 under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
6 Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any
7 later version.
9 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12 GNU General Public License for more details.
14 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15 along with this program; see the file COPYING3. If not see
16 <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
18 In other words, you are welcome to use, share and improve this program.
19 You are forbidden to forbid anyone else to use, share and improve
20 what you give them. Help stamp out software-hoarding! */
22#ifndef GCC_HOOKS_H
23#define GCC_HOOKS_H
26extern bool hook_bool_void_false (void);
27extern bool hook_bool_void_true (void);
28extern bool hook_bool_bool_false (bool);
29extern bool hook_bool_bool_gcc_optionsp_false (bool, struct gcc_options *);
30extern bool hook_bool_const_int_const_int_true (const int, const int);
31extern bool hook_bool_mode_false (machine_mode);
32extern bool hook_bool_mode_true (machine_mode);
33extern bool hook_bool_mode_mode_true (machine_mode, machine_mode);
34extern bool hook_bool_mode_const_rtx_false (machine_mode, const_rtx);
35extern bool hook_bool_mode_const_rtx_true (machine_mode, const_rtx);
36extern bool hook_bool_mode_rtx_false (machine_mode, rtx);
37extern bool hook_bool_mode_rtx_true (machine_mode, rtx);
39 const rtx_insn *);
40extern bool hook_bool_mode_uhwi_false (machine_mode,
41 unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT);
43extern bool hook_bool_uint_uint_mode_false (unsigned int, unsigned int,
44 machine_mode);
45extern bool hook_bool_uint_mode_true (unsigned int, machine_mode);
46extern bool hook_bool_tree_false (tree);
49extern bool hook_bool_tree_true (tree);
60extern bool hook_bool_rtx_insn_true (rtx_insn *);
61extern bool hook_bool_rtx_false (rtx);
62extern bool hook_bool_rtx_insn_int_false (rtx_insn *, int);
63extern bool hook_bool_uintp_uintp_false (unsigned int *, unsigned int *);
65extern bool hook_bool_mode_mode_reg_class_t_true (machine_mode, machine_mode,
67extern bool hook_bool_mode_reg_class_t_reg_class_t_false (machine_mode,
70extern bool hook_bool_rtx_mode_int_int_intp_bool_false (rtx, machine_mode,
71 int, int, int *, bool);
74extern bool hook_bool_tree_bool_false (tree, bool);
76 const widest_int &,
77 unsigned int, bool);
79extern void hook_void_void (void);
80extern void hook_void_constcharptr (const char *);
81extern void hook_void_rtx_insn_int (rtx_insn *, int);
82extern void hook_void_FILEptr_constcharptr (FILE *, const char *);
83extern void hook_void_FILEptr_constcharptr_const_tree (FILE *, const char *,
85extern bool hook_bool_FILEptr_rtx_false (FILE *, rtx);
86extern void hook_void_FILEptr_tree (FILE *, tree);
87extern void hook_void_tree (tree);
88extern void hook_void_tree_treeptr (tree, tree *);
89extern void hook_void_int_int (int, int);
90extern void hook_void_gcc_optionsp (struct gcc_options *);
91extern bool hook_bool_uint_true (unsigned int);
92extern bool hook_bool_uint_uintp_false (unsigned int, unsigned int *);
94extern int hook_int_uint_mode_1 (unsigned int, machine_mode);
97extern int hook_int_rtx_0 (rtx);
98extern int hook_int_rtx_1 (rtx);
99extern int hook_int_rtx_insn_0 (rtx_insn *);
101extern int hook_int_rtx_bool_0 (rtx, bool);
102extern int hook_int_rtx_mode_as_bool_0 (rtx, machine_mode, addr_space_t,
103 bool);
105extern HOST_WIDE_INT hook_hwi_void_0 (void);
108extern tree hook_tree_void_null (void);
110extern tree hook_tree_tree_bool_null (tree, bool);
113extern tree hook_tree_tree_int_treep_bool_null (tree, int, tree *, bool);
116extern unsigned hook_uint_void_0 (void);
117extern unsigned int hook_uint_mode_0 (machine_mode);
123extern rtx hook_rtx_rtx_null (rtx);
124extern rtx hook_rtx_tree_int_null (tree, int);
126extern char *hook_charptr_void_null (void);
127extern const char *hook_constcharptr_void_null (void);
129extern const char *hook_constcharptr_const_rtx_insn_null (const rtx_insn *);
131extern const char *hook_constcharptr_int_const_tree_null (int, const_tree);
135 unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT);
Definition machmode.h:263
unsigned char addr_space_t
Definition coretypes.h:174
int reg_class_t
Definition coretypes.h:366
const union tree_node * const_tree
Definition coretypes.h:98
union tree_node * tree
Definition coretypes.h:97
Definition ggc.h:184
rtx hook_rtx_rtx_null(rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:387
tree hook_tree_treeptr_tree_tree_int_boolptr_null(tree *, tree, tree, int, bool *)
Definition hooks.cc:452
void hook_void_int_int(int, int)
Definition hooks.cc:294
bool hook_bool_mode_uhwi_false(machine_mode, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT)
Definition hooks.cc:131
const char * hook_constcharptr_const_tree_const_tree_null(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:465
rtx hook_rtx_tree_int_null(tree, int)
Definition hooks.cc:394
bool hook_bool_bool_gcc_optionsp_false(bool, struct gcc_options *)
Definition hooks.cc:60
int hook_int_rtx_mode_as_bool_0(rtx, machine_mode, addr_space_t, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:256
int hook_int_rtx_insn_unreachable(rtx_insn *)
Definition hooks.cc:244
bool hook_bool_const_tree_hwi_hwi_const_tree_false(const_tree, HOST_WIDE_INT, HOST_WIDE_INT, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:186
int hook_int_const_tree_0(const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:213
bool hook_bool_mode_const_rtx_true(machine_mode, const_rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:101
int hook_int_rtx_insn_0(rtx_insn *)
Definition hooks.cc:238
HOST_WIDE_INT hook_hwi_void_0(void)
Definition hooks.cc:268
const char * hook_constcharptr_const_rtx_insn_null(const rtx_insn *)
Definition hooks.cc:459
bool hook_bool_mode_mode_reg_class_t_true(machine_mode, machine_mode, reg_class_t)
Definition hooks.cc:545
const char * hook_constcharptr_int_const_tree_null(int, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:471
bool hook_bool_const_int_const_int_true(const int, const int)
Definition hooks.cc:66
bool hook_bool_const_tree_true(const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:323
bool hook_bool_const_tree_hwi_hwi_const_tree_true(const_tree, HOST_WIDE_INT, HOST_WIDE_INT, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:193
bool hook_bool_mode_rtx_true(machine_mode, rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:115
tree hook_tree_tree_int_treep_bool_null(tree, int, tree *, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:428
bool hook_bool_uint_true(unsigned int)
Definition hooks.cc:521
void hook_void_tree_treeptr(tree, tree *)
Definition hooks.cc:289
bool hook_bool_mode_false(machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:73
int hook_int_rtx_bool_0(rtx, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:250
void hook_void_FILEptr_constcharptr(FILE *, const char *)
Definition hooks.cc:158
bool hook_bool_mode_true(machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:80
bool hook_bool_tree_tree_true(tree, tree)
Definition hooks.cc:335
char * hook_charptr_void_null(void)
Definition hooks.cc:415
bool hook_bool_puint64_puint64_true(poly_uint64, poly_uint64)
Definition hooks.cc:138
bool hook_bool_uint_uintp_false(unsigned int, unsigned int *)
Definition hooks.cc:530
const char * hook_constcharptr_void_null(void)
Definition hooks.cc:408
const char * hook_constcharptr_const_tree_null(const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:422
bool hook_bool_bool_false(bool)
Definition hooks.cc:53
tree hook_tree_tree_bool_null(tree, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:434
tree hook_tree_void_null(void)
Definition hooks.cc:491
bool hook_bool_uint_uint_mode_false(unsigned int, unsigned int, machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:144
bool hook_bool_mode_rtx_false(machine_mode, rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:108
tree hook_tree_const_tree_null(const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:484
bool hook_bool_mode_mode_true(machine_mode, machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:87
unsigned hook_uint_void_0(void)
Definition hooks.cc:262
bool hook_bool_void_false(void)
Definition hooks.cc:39
bool default_can_output_mi_thunk_no_vcall(const_tree, HOST_WIDE_INT, HOST_WIDE_INT, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:200
bool hook_bool_rtx_mode_int_int_intp_bool_false(rtx, machine_mode, int, int, int *, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:365
bool hook_bool_gsiptr_false(gimple_stmt_iterator *)
Definition hooks.cc:179
int hook_int_uint_mode_1(unsigned int, machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:207
opt_machine_mode hook_optmode_mode_uhwi_none(machine_mode, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT)
Definition hooks.cc:563
rtx hook_rtx_rtx_identity(rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:380
void hook_void_void(void)
Definition hooks.cc:33
int hook_int_const_tree_const_tree_1(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:220
int hook_int_rtx_0(rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:226
void hook_void_rtx_insn_int(rtx_insn *, int)
Definition hooks.cc:507
bool hook_bool_tree_tree_false(tree, tree)
Definition hooks.cc:329
const char * hook_constcharptr_int_const_tree_const_tree_null(int, const_tree, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:477
void hook_void_constcharptr(const char *)
Definition hooks.cc:284
bool hook_bool_tree_false(tree)
Definition hooks.cc:299
void hook_void_gcc_optionsp(struct gcc_options *)
Definition hooks.cc:514
bool hook_bool_const_tree_false(const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:305
bool hook_bool_const_tree_const_tree_true(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:311
bool hook_bool_rtx_insn_true(rtx_insn *)
Definition hooks.cc:347
tree hook_tree_tree_tree_tree_null(tree, tree, tree)
Definition hooks.cc:446
bool hook_bool_wint_wint_uint_bool_true(const widest_int &, const widest_int &, unsigned int, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:372
void hook_void_FILEptr_tree(FILE *, tree)
Definition hooks.cc:279
void hook_void_tree(tree)
Definition hooks.cc:274
bool hook_bool_const_rtx_insn_const_rtx_insn_true(const rtx_insn *, const rtx_insn *)
Definition hooks.cc:122
bool hook_bool_uint_mode_true(unsigned int, machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:151
bool hook_bool_rtx_false(rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:353
int hook_int_rtx_1(rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:232
bool hook_bool_void_true(void)
Definition hooks.cc:46
bool hook_bool_tree_true(tree)
Definition hooks.cc:317
bool hook_bool_uintp_uintp_false(unsigned int *, unsigned int *)
Definition hooks.cc:359
bool hook_bool_FILEptr_rtx_false(FILE *, rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:171
unsigned int hook_uint_mode_0(machine_mode)
Definition hooks.cc:401
tree hook_tree_tree_tree_null(tree, tree)
Definition hooks.cc:440
bool hook_bool_mode_const_rtx_false(machine_mode, const_rtx)
Definition hooks.cc:94
bool hook_bool_reg_class_t_false(reg_class_t regclass)
Definition hooks.cc:537
bool hook_bool_rtx_insn_int_false(rtx_insn *, int)
Definition hooks.cc:499
bool hook_bool_tree_bool_false(tree, bool)
Definition hooks.cc:341
void hook_void_FILEptr_constcharptr_const_tree(FILE *, const char *, const_tree)
Definition hooks.cc:165
bool hook_bool_mode_reg_class_t_reg_class_t_false(machine_mode, reg_class_t, reg_class_t)
Definition hooks.cc:553
void regclass(rtx, int)
Definition gimple-iterator.h:26
Definition rtl.h:311
Definition rtl.h:545