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ana::state_purge_annotator Class Reference

#include <state-purge.h>

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Public Member Functions

 state_purge_annotator (const state_purge_map *map)
bool add_node_annotations (graphviz_out *gv, const supernode &n, bool) const final override
void add_stmt_annotations (graphviz_out *gv, const gimple *stmt, bool within_row) const final override
virtual bool add_after_node_annotations (graphviz_out *gv, const supernode &n) const

Private Member Functions

void print_needed (graphviz_out *gv, const function_point &point, bool within_table) const

Private Attributes

const state_purge_mapm_map

Detailed Description

Subclass of dot_annotator for use by -fdump-analyzer-state-purge.
Annotate the .dot output with state-purge information.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ state_purge_annotator()

ana::state_purge_annotator::state_purge_annotator ( const state_purge_map * map)

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_after_node_annotations()

virtual bool ana::dot_annotator::add_after_node_annotations ( graphviz_out * gv,
const supernode & n ) const

◆ add_node_annotations()

bool ana::state_purge_annotator::add_node_annotations ( graphviz_out * gv,
const supernode & n,
bool  ) const

Reimplemented from ana::dot_annotator.

◆ add_stmt_annotations()

void ana::state_purge_annotator::add_stmt_annotations ( graphviz_out * gv,
const gimple * stmt,
bool within_row ) const

Reimplemented from ana::dot_annotator.

◆ print_needed()

void ana::state_purge_annotator::print_needed ( graphviz_out * gv,
const function_point & point,
bool within_table ) const

Field Documentation

◆ m_map

const state_purge_map* ana::state_purge_annotator::m_map

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