GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
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1/* The lang_hooks data structure.
2 Copyright (C) 2001-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
4This file is part of GCC.
6GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
8the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
9any later version.
11GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
12but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
14GNU General Public License for more details.
16You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
18<http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */
20#ifndef GCC_LANG_HOOKS_H
21#define GCC_LANG_HOOKS_H
23/* FIXME: This file should be #include-d after tree.h (for enum tree_code). */
25struct diagnostic_info;
27struct gimplify_omp_ctx;
29struct array_descr_info;
31/* A print hook for print_tree (). */
32typedef void (*lang_print_tree_hook) (FILE *, tree, int indent);
37class substring_loc;
39/* The following hooks are documented in langhooks.cc. Must not be
40 NULL. */
47/* The following hooks are used by tree-dump.cc. */
51 /* Dump language-specific parts of tree nodes. Returns nonzero if it
52 does not want the usual dumping of the second argument. */
53 bool (*dump_tree) (void *, tree);
55 /* Determine type qualifiers in a language-specific way. */
59/* Hooks related to types. */
63 /* Return a new type (with the indicated CODE), doing whatever
64 language-specific processing is required. */
67 /* Make an enum type with the given name and values, associating
68 them all with the given source location. */
71 /* Do the equivalent of:
73 typedef struct NAME { FIELDS; } NAME;
75 associating it with location LOC. Return the associated RECORD_TYPE.
77 FIELDS is a list of FIELD_DECLs, in layout order. */
78 tree (*simulate_record_decl) (location_t loc, const char *name,
81 /* Return what kind of RECORD_TYPE this is, mainly for purposes of
82 debug information. If not defined, record types are assumed to
83 be structures. */
84 enum classify_record (*classify_record) (tree);
86 /* Given MODE and UNSIGNEDP, return a suitable type-tree with that
87 mode. */
88 tree (*type_for_mode) (machine_mode, int);
90 /* Given PRECISION and UNSIGNEDP, return a suitable type-tree for an
91 integer type with at least that precision. */
94 /* True if the type is an instantiation of a generic type,
95 e.g. C++ template implicit specializations. */
98 /* Returns the TREE_VEC of elements of a given generic argument pack. */
101 /* Given a type, apply default promotions to unnamed function
102 arguments and return the new type. Return the same type if no
103 change. Required by any language that supports variadic
104 arguments. The default hook dies. */
107 /* Register TYPE as a builtin type with the indicated NAME. The
108 TYPE is placed in the outermost lexical scope. The semantics
109 should be analogous to:
111 typedef TYPE NAME;
113 in C. The default hook ignores the declaration. */
114 void (*register_builtin_type) (tree, const char *);
116 /* This routine is called in tree.cc to print an error message for
117 invalid use of an incomplete type. VALUE is the expression that
118 was used (or 0 if that isn't known) and TYPE is the type that was
119 invalid. LOC is the location of the use. */
123 /* Called from assign_temp to return the maximum size, if there is one,
124 for a type. */
127 /* Register language specific type size variables as potentially OpenMP
128 firstprivate variables. */
131 /* Return TRUE if TYPE1 and TYPE2 are identical for type hashing purposes.
132 Called only after doing all language independent checks.
133 At present, this function is only called when both TYPE1 and TYPE2 are
137 /* If non-NULL, return TYPE1 with any language-specific modifiers copied from
138 TYPE2. */
141 /* Return TRUE if TYPE uses a hidden descriptor and fills in information
142 for the debugger about the array bounds, strides, etc. */
145 /* Fill in information for the debugger about the bounds of TYPE. */
148 /* Called on INTEGER_TYPEs. Return NULL_TREE for non-biased types. For
149 biased types, return as an INTEGER_CST node the value that is represented
150 by a physical zero. */
153 /* A type descriptive of TYPE's complex layout generated to help the
154 debugger to decode variable-length or self-referential constructs.
155 This is only used for the AT_GNAT_descriptive_type DWARF attribute. */
158 /* If we requested a pointer to a vector, build up the pointers that
159 we stripped off while looking for the inner type. Similarly for
160 return values from functions. The argument TYPE is the top of the
161 chain, and BOTTOM is the new type which we will point to. */
164 /* Returns the tree that represents the underlying data type used to
165 implement the enumeration. The default implementation will just use
166 type_for_size. Used in dwarf2out.cc to add a DW_AT_type base type
167 reference to a DW_TAG_enumeration. */
170 /* Return a type to use in the debug info instead of TYPE, or NULL_TREE to
171 keep TYPE. This is useful to keep a single "source type" when the
172 middle-end uses specialized types, for instance constrained discriminated
173 types in Ada. */
176 /* Return TRUE if TYPE implements a fixed point type and fills in information
177 for the debugger about scale factor, etc. */
179 struct fixed_point_type_info *);
181 /* Returns -1 if dwarf ATTR shouldn't be added for TYPE, or the attribute
182 value otherwise. */
185 /* Returns a tree for the unit size of T excluding tail padding that
186 might be used by objects inheriting from T. */
189 /* Returns type corresponding to FIELD's type when FIELD is a C++ base class
190 i.e., type without virtual base classes or tail padding. Returns
191 NULL_TREE otherwise. */
195/* Language hooks related to decls and the symbol table. */
199 /* Return true if we are in the global binding level. This hook is really
200 needed only if the language supports variable-sized types at the global
201 level, i.e. declared outside subprograms. */
204 /* Function to add a decl to the current scope level. Takes one
205 argument, a decl to add. Returns that decl, or, if the same
206 symbol is already declared, may return a different decl for that
207 name. */
210 /* Returns the chain of decls so far in the current scope level. */
213 /* Returns -1 if dwarf ATTR shouldn't be added for DECL, or the attribute
214 value otherwise. */
217 /* Returns True if the parameter is a generic parameter decl
218 of a generic type, e.g a template template parameter for the C++ FE. */
221 /* Determine if a function parameter got expanded from a
222 function parameter pack. */
225 /* Returns the generic declaration of a generic function instantiations. */
228 /* Returns true when we should warn for an unused global DECL.
229 We will already have checked that it has static binding. */
232 /* Perform any post compilation-proper parser cleanups and
233 processing. This is currently only needed for the C++ parser,
234 which hopefully can be cleaned up so this hook is no longer
235 necessary. */
238 /* True if this decl may be called via a sibcall. */
241 /* Return a tree for the actual data of an array descriptor - or NULL_TREE
242 if original tree is not an array descriptor. If the second argument
243 is true, only the TREE_TYPE is returned without generating a new tree. */
246 /* Return a tree for the actual data of an array descriptor - or NULL_TREE
247 if original tree is not an array descriptor. If the second argument
248 is true, only the TREE_TYPE is returned without generating a new tree. */
251 /* True if OpenMP should regard this DECL as being a scalar which has Fortran's
252 allocatable or pointer attribute. */
255 /* Check whether this DECL belongs to a Fortran optional argument.
256 With 'for_present_check' set to false, decls which are optional parameters
257 themselve are returned as tree - or a NULL_TREE otherwise. Those decls are
258 always pointers. With 'for_present_check' set to true, the decl for
259 checking whether an argument is present is returned; for arguments with
260 value attribute this is the hidden argument and of BOOLEAN_TYPE. If the
261 decl is unrelated to optional arguments, NULL_TREE is returned. */
264 /* True if OpenMP should privatize what this DECL points to rather
265 than the DECL itself. */
268 /* Return sharing kind if OpenMP sharing attribute of DECL is
269 predetermined, OMP_CLAUSE_DEFAULT_UNSPECIFIED otherwise. */
272 /* Return mapping kind if OpenMP mapping attribute of DECL is
276 /* Return decl that should be reported for DEFAULT(NONE) failure
277 diagnostics. Usually the DECL passed in. */
280 /* Return true if DECL's DECL_VALUE_EXPR (if any) should be
281 disregarded in OpenMP construct, because it is going to be
282 remapped during OpenMP lowering. SHARED is true if DECL
283 is going to be shared, false if it is going to be privatized. */
286 /* Return true if DECL that is shared iff SHARED is true should
287 be put into OMP_CLAUSE_PRIVATE_DEBUG. */
290 /* Return true if DECL in private clause needs
291 OMP_CLAUSE_PRIVATE_OUTER_REF on the private clause. */
294 /* Build and return code for a default constructor for DECL in
295 response to CLAUSE. OUTER is corresponding outer region's
296 variable if needed. Return NULL if nothing to be done. */
299 /* Build and return code for a copy constructor from SRC to DST. */
302 /* Similarly, except use an assignment operator instead. */
305 /* Build and return code for a constructor of DST that sets it to
306 SRC + ADD. */
309 /* Build and return code destructing DECL. Return NULL if nothing
310 to be done. */
313 /* Do language specific checking on an implicitly determined clause. */
316 /* Return true if DECL is an allocatable variable (for the purpose of
317 implicit mapping). */
320 /* Return true if DECL is a scalar variable (for the purpose of
321 implicit firstprivatization). If 'ptr_or', pointers and
322 allocatables are also permitted. */
325 /* Return true if DECL is a scalar variable with Fortran target but not
326 allocatable or pointer attribute (for the purpose of implicit mapping). */
329 /* Return a pointer to the tree representing the initializer
330 expression for the non-local variable DECL. Return NULL if
331 DECL is not initialized. */
332 tree *(*omp_get_decl_init) (tree decl);
334 /* Free any extra memory used to hold initializer information for
335 variable declarations. omp_get_decl_init must not be called
336 after calling this. */
340/* Language hooks related to LTO serialization. */
344 /* Begin a new LTO section named NAME. */
345 void (*begin_section) (const char *name);
347 /* Write DATA of length LEN to the currently open LTO section. BLOCK is a
348 pointer to the dynamically allocated memory containing DATA. The
349 append_data function is responsible for freeing it when it is no longer
350 needed. */
351 void (*append_data) (const void *data, size_t len, void *block);
353 /* End the previously begun LTO section. */
357/* Language-specific hooks. See langhooks-def.h for defaults. */
361 /* String identifying the front end and optionally language standard
362 version, e.g. "GNU C++98". */
363 const char *name;
365 /* sizeof (struct lang_identifier), so make_node () creates
366 identifier nodes long enough for the language-specific slots. */
369 /* Remove any parts of the tree that are used only by the FE. */
372 /* Determines the size of any language-specific tcc_constant,
373 tcc_exceptional or tcc_type nodes. Since it is called from
374 make_node, the only information available is the tree code.
375 Expected to die on unrecognized codes. */
378 /* Return the language mask used for converting argv into a sequence
379 of options. */
380 unsigned int (*option_lang_mask) (void);
382 /* Initialize variables in an options structure. */
385 /* After the initialize_diagnostics hook is called, do any simple
386 initialization needed before any calls to handle_option, other
387 than that done by the init_options_struct hook. */
388 void (*init_options) (unsigned int decoded_options_count,
389 struct cl_decoded_option *decoded_options);
391 /* Callback used to perform language-specific initialization for the
392 global diagnostic context structure. */
395 /* Beginning the main source file. */
397 const line_map_ordinary *);
399 /* Adjust libcpp options and callbacks. */
402 /* Undefining a macro. */
405 /* Observer for preprocessing stream. */
407 /* Various flags it can return about the token. */
409 {
410 PT_begin_pragma = 1 << 0
411 };
413 /* Register language-specific dumps. */
416 /* Return true if a warning should be given about option OPTION,
417 which is for the wrong language, false if it should be quietly
418 ignored. */
421 /* Handle the switch CODE, which has real type enum opt_code from
422 options.h. If the switch takes an argument, it is passed in ARG
423 which points to permanent storage. The handler is responsible for
424 checking whether ARG is NULL, which indicates that no argument
425 was in fact supplied. For -f and -W switches, VALUE is 1 or 0
426 for the positive and negative forms respectively. HANDLERS should
427 be passed to any recursive handle_option calls. LOC is the
428 location of the option.
430 Return true if the switch is valid, false if invalid. */
431 bool (*handle_option) (size_t code, const char *arg, HOST_WIDE_INT value,
432 int kind, location_t loc,
433 const struct cl_option_handlers *handlers);
435 /* Called when all command line options have been parsed to allow
436 further processing and initialization
438 Should return true to indicate that a compiler back-end is
439 not required, such as with the -E option.
441 If errorcount is nonzero after this call the compiler exits
442 immediately and the finish hook is not called. */
443 bool (*post_options) (const char **);
445 /* Called after post_options to initialize the front end. Return
446 false to indicate that no further compilation be performed, in
447 which case the finish hook is called immediately. */
450 /* Called at the end of compilation, as a finalizer. */
453 /* Parses the entire file. */
456 /* Determines if it's ok for a function to have no noreturn attribute. */
459 /* Called to obtain the alias set to be used for an expression or type.
460 Returns -1 if the language does nothing special for it. */
463 /* Function to finish handling an incomplete decl at the end of
464 compilation. Default hook is does nothing. */
467 /* Replace the DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC data, which may be NULL, of the
468 DECL_NODE with a newly GC-allocated copy. */
471 /* Set the DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME for a node. If it is the sort of
472 thing that the assembler should talk about, set
474 Otherwise, set it to the ERROR_MARK_NODE to ensure that the
475 assembler does not talk about it. */
478 /* Overwrite the DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME for a node. The name is being
479 changed (including to or from NULL_TREE). */
482 /* The front end can add its own statistics to -fmem-report with
483 this hook. It should output to stderr. */
486 /* Called by print_tree when there is a tree of class tcc_exceptional
487 or tcc_constant that it doesn't know how to display. */
490 /* Called to print language-dependent parts of tcc_decl, tcc_type,
491 and IDENTIFIER_NODE nodes. */
496 /* Computes the name to use to print a declaration. DECL is the
497 non-NULL declaration in question. VERBOSITY determines what
498 information will be printed: 0: DECL_NAME, demangled as
499 necessary. 1: and scope information. 2: and any other
500 information that might be interesting, such as function parameter
501 types in C++. The name is in the internal character set and
502 needs to be converted to the locale character set of diagnostics,
503 or to the execution character set for strings such as
505 const char *(*decl_printable_name) (tree decl, int verbosity);
507 /* Computes the dwarf-2/3 name for a tree. VERBOSITY determines what
508 information will be printed: 0: DECL_NAME, demangled as
509 necessary. 1: and scope information. */
510 const char *(*dwarf_name) (tree, int verbosity);
512 /* This compares two types for equivalence ("compatible" in C-based languages).
513 This routine should only return 1 if it is sure. It should not be used
514 in contexts where erroneously returning 0 causes problems. */
517 /* Called by report_error_function to print out function name. */
519 const struct diagnostic_info *);
521 /* Convert a character from the host's to the target's character
522 set. The character should be in what C calls the "basic source
523 character set" (roughly, the set of characters defined by plain
524 old ASCII). The default is to return the character unchanged,
525 which is correct in most circumstances. Note that both argument
526 and result should be sign-extended under -fsigned-char,
527 zero-extended under -fno-signed-char. */
530 /* Pointers to machine-independent attribute tables, for front ends
531 using attribs.cc. If one is NULL, it is ignored. Respectively, a
532 table of attributes specific to the language, a table of
533 attributes common to two or more languages (to allow easy
534 sharing), and a table of attributes for checking formats. */
547 /* Returns a TREE_VEC of the generic parameters of an instantiation of
548 a generic type or decl, e.g. C++ template instantiation. If
549 TREE_CHAIN of the return value is set, it is an INTEGER_CST
550 indicating how many of the elements are non-default. */
553 /* Returns the TREE_VEC of arguments of an instantiation
554 of a generic type of decl, e.g. C++ template instantiation. */
557 /* Determine if a tree is a function parameter pack. */
560 /* Perform language-specific gimplification on the argument. Returns an
561 enum gimplify_status, though we can't see that type here. */
564 /* Do language specific processing in the builtin function DECL */
567 /* Like builtin_function, but make sure the scope is the external scope.
568 This is used to delay putting in back end builtin functions until the ISA
569 that defines the builtin is declared via function specific target options,
570 which can save memory for machines like the x86_64 that have multiple
571 ISAs. If this points to the same function as builtin_function, the
572 backend must add all of the builtins at program initialization time. */
575 /* Do language-specific processing for target-specific built-in
576 function DECL, so that it is defined in the global scope (only)
577 and is available without needing to be explicitly declared.
579 This is intended for targets that want to inject declarations of
580 built-in functions into the source language (such as in response
581 to a pragma) rather than providing them in the source language itself. */
584 /* Used to set up the tree_contains_structure array for a frontend. */
587 /* Called by recompute_tree_invariant_for_addr_expr to go from EXPR
588 to a contained expression or DECL, possibly updating *TC or *SE
589 if in the process TREE_CONSTANT or TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS need updating. */
590 tree (*expr_to_decl) (tree expr, bool *tc, bool *se);
592 /* The EH personality function decl. */
595 /* Map a type to a runtime object to match type. */
598 /* If non-NULL, this is a function that returns a function decl to be
599 executed if an unhandled exception is propagated out of a cleanup
600 region. For example, in C++, an exception thrown by a destructor
601 during stack unwinding is required to result in a call to
602 `std::terminate', so the C++ version of this function returns a
603 FUNCTION_DECL for `std::terminate'. */
606 /* Return true if a stmt can fallthru. Used by block_may_fallthru
607 to possibly handle language trees. */
610 /* True if this language uses __cxa_end_cleanup when the ARM EABI
611 is enabled. */
614 /* True if this language requires deep unsharing of tree nodes prior to
615 gimplification. */
618 /* True if this language may use custom descriptors for nested functions
619 instead of trampolines. */
622 /* True if this language emits begin stmt notes. */
625 /* Run all lang-specific selftests. */
628 /* Attempt to determine the source location of the substring.
629 If successful, return NULL and write the source location to *OUT_LOC.
630 Otherwise return an error message. Error messages are intended
631 for GCC developers (to help debugging) rather than for end-users. */
632 const char *(*get_substring_location) (const substring_loc &,
635 /* Invoked before the early_finish debug hook is invoked. */
638 /* Get a value for the SARIF v2.1.0 "artifact.sourceLanguage" property
639 for FILENAME, or return NULL.
640 See SARIF v2.1.0 Appendix J for suggested values for common programming
641 languages. */
642 const char *(*get_sarif_source_language) (const char *filename);
644 /* Whenever you add entries here, make sure you adjust langhooks-def.h
645 and langhooks.cc accordingly. */
648/* Each front end provides its own. */
649extern struct lang_hooks lang_hooks;
651extern tree add_builtin_function (const char *name, tree type,
652 int function_code, enum built_in_class cl,
653 const char *library_name,
654 tree attrs);
657 int function_code,
658 enum built_in_class cl,
659 const char *library_name,
660 tree attrs);
662 int, const char *, tree);
663extern tree add_builtin_type (const char *name, tree type);
665/* Language helper functions. */
667extern bool lang_GNU_C (void);
668extern bool lang_GNU_CXX (void);
669extern bool lang_GNU_Fortran (void);
670extern bool lang_GNU_OBJC (void);
672#endif /* GCC_LANG_HOOKS_H */
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int alias_set_type
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void(* lang_print_tree_hook)(FILE *, tree, int indent)
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tree add_builtin_type(const char *name, tree type)
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tree(* omp_array_data)(tree, bool)
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void(* post_compilation_parsing_cleanups)(void)
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bool(* omp_allocatable_p)(tree decl)
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tree(* omp_array_size)(tree, gimple_seq *pre_p)
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bool(* warn_unused_global)(const_tree)
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enum omp_clause_defaultmap_kind(* omp_predetermined_mapping)(tree)
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bool(* omp_private_outer_ref)(tree)
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enum omp_clause_default_kind(* omp_predetermined_sharing)(tree)
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tree(* getdecls)(void)
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tree(* omp_report_decl)(tree)
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int(* decl_dwarf_attribute)(const_tree, int)
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void(* omp_finish_decl_inits)(void)
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tree(* omp_clause_copy_ctor)(tree clause, tree dst, tree src)
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tree(* omp_check_optional_argument)(tree, bool)
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void(* omp_finish_clause)(tree clause, gimple_seq *pre_p, bool)
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tree(* pushdecl)(tree)
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bool(* omp_scalar_p)(tree decl, bool ptr_ok)
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bool(* omp_scalar_target_p)(tree decl)
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bool(* ok_for_sibcall)(const_tree)
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void(* end_section)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:354
void(* append_data)(const void *data, size_t len, void *block)
Definition langhooks.h:351
void(* begin_section)(const char *name)
Definition langhooks.h:345
Definition langhooks.h:50
bool(* dump_tree)(void *, tree)
Definition langhooks.h:53
int(* type_quals)(const_tree)
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bool(* var_mod_type_p)(tree, tree)
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void(* get_subrange_bounds)(const_tree, tree *, tree *)
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tree(* reconstruct_complex_type)(tree, tree)
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tree(* type_for_mode)(machine_mode, int)
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void(* omp_firstprivatize_type_sizes)(struct gimplify_omp_ctx *, tree)
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bool(* generic_p)(const_tree)
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tree(* type_promotes_to)(tree)
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void(* incomplete_type_error)(location_t loc, const_tree value, const_tree type)
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tree(* copy_lang_qualifiers)(const_tree, const_tree)
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tree(* get_argument_pack_elems)(const_tree)
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int(* type_dwarf_attribute)(const_tree, int)
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tree(* descriptive_type)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:156
tree(* get_type_bias)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:151
void(* register_builtin_type)(tree, const char *)
Definition langhooks.h:114
tree(* type_for_size)(unsigned, int)
Definition langhooks.h:92
tree(* enum_underlying_base_type)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:168
tree(* get_debug_type)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:174
bool(* get_fixed_point_type_info)(const_tree, struct fixed_point_type_info *)
Definition langhooks.h:178
Definition langhooks.h:360
void(* preprocess_options)(cpp_reader *)
Definition langhooks.h:400
struct lang_hooks_for_tree_inlining tree_inlining
Definition langhooks.h:537
tree(* simulate_builtin_function_decl)(tree decl)
Definition langhooks.h:582
void(* print_error_function)(diagnostic_context *, const char *, const struct diagnostic_info *)
Definition langhooks.h:518
bool(* function_parameter_pack_p)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:558
bool(* init)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:448
void(* init_ts)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:585
void(* overwrite_decl_assembler_name)(tree, tree)
Definition langhooks.h:480
void(* set_decl_assembler_name)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:476
tree(* eh_runtime_type)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:596
const char * name
Definition langhooks.h:363
array_slice< const struct scoped_attribute_specs *const > attribute_table
Definition langhooks.h:535
Definition langhooks.h:409
@ PT_begin_pragma
Definition langhooks.h:410
size_t identifier_size
Definition langhooks.h:367
void(* init_options_struct)(struct gcc_options *opts)
Definition langhooks.h:383
struct lang_hooks_for_decls decls
Definition langhooks.h:541
lang_print_tree_hook print_type
Definition langhooks.h:493
void(* finalize_early_debug)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:636
bool custom_function_descriptors
Definition langhooks.h:620
unsigned int(* option_lang_mask)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:380
void(* preprocess_main_file)(cpp_reader *, line_maps *, const line_map_ordinary *)
Definition langhooks.h:396
void(* dup_lang_specific_decl)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:469
uintptr_t(* preprocess_token)(cpp_reader *, const cpp_token *, uintptr_t)
Definition langhooks.h:406
void(* initialize_diagnostics)(diagnostic_context *)
Definition langhooks.h:393
bool(* post_options)(const char **)
Definition langhooks.h:443
void(* parse_file)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:454
lang_print_tree_hook print_xnode
Definition langhooks.h:488
HOST_WIDE_INT(* to_target_charset)(HOST_WIDE_INT)
Definition langhooks.h:528
tree(* builtin_function_ext_scope)(tree decl)
Definition langhooks.h:573
bool(* complain_wrong_lang_p)(const struct cl_option *option)
Definition langhooks.h:419
int(* gimplify_expr)(tree *, gimple_seq *, gimple_seq *)
Definition langhooks.h:562
size_t(* tree_size)(enum tree_code)
Definition langhooks.h:376
tree(* builtin_function)(tree decl)
Definition langhooks.h:565
void(* finish)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:451
int(* types_compatible_p)(tree x, tree y)
Definition langhooks.h:515
struct lang_hooks_for_tree_dump tree_dump
Definition langhooks.h:539
tree(* expr_to_decl)(tree expr, bool *tc, bool *se)
Definition langhooks.h:590
tree(* eh_personality)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:593
void(* print_statistics)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:484
alias_set_type(* get_alias_set)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:461
bool eh_use_cxa_end_cleanup
Definition langhooks.h:612
lang_print_tree_hook print_identifier
Definition langhooks.h:494
lang_print_tree_hook print_decl
Definition langhooks.h:492
tree(* get_innermost_generic_parms)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:551
bool(* missing_noreturn_ok_p)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:457
void(* preprocess_undef)(cpp_reader *, location_t, cpp_hashnode *)
Definition langhooks.h:403
void(* finish_incomplete_decl)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:465
bool emits_begin_stmt
Definition langhooks.h:623
void(* free_lang_data)(tree)
Definition langhooks.h:370
bool deep_unsharing
Definition langhooks.h:616
struct lang_hooks_for_lto lto
Definition langhooks.h:545
bool(* handle_option)(size_t code, const char *arg, HOST_WIDE_INT value, int kind, location_t loc, const struct cl_option_handlers *handlers)
Definition langhooks.h:431
tree(* get_innermost_generic_args)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:555
void(* register_dumps)(gcc::dump_manager *)
Definition langhooks.h:414
tree(* eh_protect_cleanup_actions)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:604
void(* init_options)(unsigned int decoded_options_count, struct cl_decoded_option *decoded_options)
Definition langhooks.h:388
void(* run_lang_selftests)(void)
Definition langhooks.h:626
bool(* block_may_fallthru)(const_tree)
Definition langhooks.h:608
Definition gengtype.h:252
Definition vec.h:450
#define bool
Definition system.h:893
Definition tree-core.h:165
Definition tree-core.h:558
Definition tree-core.h:568
const T2 & y
Definition wide-int.h:3870