GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
diagnostic.cc File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "system.h"
#include "coretypes.h"
#include "version.h"
#include "demangle.h"
#include "intl.h"
#include "backtrace.h"
#include "diagnostic.h"
#include "diagnostic-color.h"
#include "diagnostic-url.h"
#include "diagnostic-metadata.h"
#include "diagnostic-path.h"
#include "diagnostic-client-data-hooks.h"
#include "diagnostic-diagram.h"
#include "edit-context.h"
#include "selftest.h"
#include "selftest-diagnostic.h"
#include "opts.h"
#include "cpplib.h"
#include "text-art/theme.h"
#include "pretty-print-urlifier.h"
#include "logical-location.h"
#include "diagnostic.def"
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static void real_abort (void) ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN
char * build_message_string (const char *msg,...)
char * file_name_as_prefix (diagnostic_context *context, const char *f)
int get_terminal_width (void)
void diagnostic_set_caret_max_width (diagnostic_context *context, int value)
void diagnostic_set_info_translated (diagnostic_info *diagnostic, const char *msg, va_list *args, rich_location *richloc, diagnostic_t kind)
void diagnostic_set_info (diagnostic_info *diagnostic, const char *gmsgid, va_list *args, rich_location *richloc, diagnostic_t kind)
const char * diagnostic_get_color_for_kind (diagnostic_t kind)
static int convert_column_unit (file_cache &fc, enum diagnostics_column_unit column_unit, int tabstop, expanded_location s)
static const char * maybe_line_and_column (int line, int col)
const char * get_diagnostic_kind_text (diagnostic_t kind)
char * diagnostic_build_prefix (diagnostic_context *context, const diagnostic_info *diagnostic)
static int bt_callback (void *data, uintptr_t pc, const char *filename, int lineno, const char *function)
static void bt_err_callback (void *data, const char *msg, int errnum)
void default_diagnostic_starter (diagnostic_context *context, const diagnostic_info *diagnostic)
void default_diagnostic_start_span_fn (diagnostic_context *context, expanded_location exploc)
void default_diagnostic_finalizer (diagnostic_context *context, const diagnostic_info *diagnostic, diagnostic_t)
static void print_escaped_string (pretty_printer *pp, const char *text)
static void print_parseable_fixits (file_cache &fc, pretty_printer *pp, rich_location *richloc, enum diagnostics_column_unit column_unit, int tabstop)
char * get_cwe_url (int cwe)
int num_digits (int value)
const char * trim_filename (const char *name)
void diagnostic_append_note (diagnostic_context *context, location_t location, const char *gmsgid,...)
void fancy_abort (const char *file, int line, const char *function)
void diagnostic_output_format_init (diagnostic_context *context, const char *main_input_filename_, const char *base_file_name, enum diagnostics_output_format format, bool json_formatting)


const char * progname
static const char *const diagnostic_kind_color []
static const char *const diagnostic_kind_text []
static const char *const bt_stop []

Macro Definition Documentation


C )   (C),


C )   (T),


Language-independent diagnostic subroutines for the GNU Compiler Collection
   Copyright (C) 1999-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
   Contributed by Gabriel Dos Reis <gdr@codesourcery.com>

This file is part of GCC.

GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later

GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GCC; see the file COPYING3.  If not see
This file implements the language independent aspect of diagnostic
message module.   

Function Documentation

◆ bt_callback()

static int bt_callback ( void * data,
uintptr_t pc,
const char * filename,
int lineno,
const char * function )
A callback function passed to the backtrace_full function.   

References bt_stop, free(), i, and NULL.

Referenced by diagnostic_context::action_after_output(), and fancy_abort().

◆ bt_err_callback()

static void bt_err_callback ( void * data,
const char * msg,
int errnum )
A callback function passed to the backtrace_full function.  This is
called if backtrace_full has an error.   

References msg.

Referenced by diagnostic_context::action_after_output(), and fancy_abort().

◆ build_message_string()

char * build_message_string ( const char * msg,
... )
Return a malloc'd string containing MSG formatted a la printf.  The
caller is responsible for freeing the memory.   

References ap, and msg.

Referenced by diagnostic_build_prefix(), file_name_as_prefix(), and diagnostic_context::get_location_text().

◆ convert_column_unit()

static int convert_column_unit ( file_cache & fc,
enum diagnostics_column_unit column_unit,
int tabstop,
expanded_location s )
Given an expanded_location, convert the column (which is in 1-based bytes)
to the requested units, without converting the origin.
Return -1 if the column is invalid (<= 0).   

References DIAGNOSTICS_COLUMN_UNIT_BYTE, DIAGNOSTICS_COLUMN_UNIT_DISPLAY, gcc_unreachable, and location_compute_display_column().

Referenced by diagnostic_context::converted_column(), and print_parseable_fixits().

◆ default_diagnostic_finalizer()

◆ default_diagnostic_start_span_fn()

void default_diagnostic_start_span_fn ( diagnostic_context * context,
expanded_location exploc )

◆ default_diagnostic_starter()

◆ diagnostic_append_note()

void diagnostic_append_note ( diagnostic_context * context,
location_t location,
const char * gmsgid,
... )

◆ diagnostic_build_prefix()

char * diagnostic_build_prefix ( diagnostic_context * context,
const diagnostic_info * diagnostic )

◆ diagnostic_get_color_for_kind()

const char * diagnostic_get_color_for_kind ( diagnostic_t kind)
Get a color name for diagnostics of type KIND
Result could be NULL.   

References diagnostic_kind_color.

◆ diagnostic_output_format_init()

◆ diagnostic_set_caret_max_width()

◆ diagnostic_set_info()

void diagnostic_set_info ( diagnostic_info * diagnostic,
const char * gmsgid,
va_list * args,
rich_location * richloc,
diagnostic_t kind )
Initialize DIAGNOSTIC, where the message GMSGID has not yet been

References _, diagnostic_set_info_translated(), and gcc_assert.

Referenced by diagnostic_append_note(), diagnostic_for_asm(), and format_string_diagnostic_t::emit_warning_n_va().

◆ diagnostic_set_info_translated()

void diagnostic_set_info_translated ( diagnostic_info * diagnostic,
const char * msg,
va_list * args,
rich_location * richloc,
diagnostic_t kind )

◆ fancy_abort()

void fancy_abort ( const char * file,
int line,
const char * function )
Report an internal compiler error in a friendly manner.  This is
the function that gets called upon use of abort() in the source
code generally, thanks to a special macro.   

References bt_callback(), bt_err_callback(), count, diagnostic_kind_text, fnotice(), fputc(), global_dc, internal_error(), NULL, diagnostic_context::printer, real_abort(), and trim_filename().

Referenced by _fatal_insn().

◆ file_name_as_prefix()

char * file_name_as_prefix ( diagnostic_context * context,
const char * f )
Same as diagnostic_build_prefix, but only the source FILE is given.   

References build_message_string(), colorize_start(), colorize_stop(), pp_show_color(), and diagnostic_context::printer.

Referenced by lhd_print_error_function().

◆ get_cwe_url()

char * get_cwe_url ( int cwe)
Generate a URL string describing CWE.  The caller is responsible for
freeing the string.   

Referenced by sarif_builder::make_reporting_descriptor_object_for_cwe_id(), and diagnostic_context::print_any_cwe().

◆ get_diagnostic_kind_text()

const char * get_diagnostic_kind_text ( diagnostic_t kind)
Get unlocalized string describing KIND.   

References diagnostic_kind_text.

Referenced by make_rule_id_for_diagnostic_kind(), and json_output_format::on_end_diagnostic().

◆ get_terminal_width()

int get_terminal_width ( void )
Return the value of the getenv("COLUMNS") as an integer. If the
value is not set to a positive integer, use ioctl to get the
terminal width. If it fails, return INT_MAX.   

References INT_MAX, and NULL.

Referenced by diagnostic_set_caret_max_width(), and print_specific_help().

◆ maybe_line_and_column()

static const char * maybe_line_and_column ( int line,
int col )
Return a formatted line and column ':%line:%column'.  Elided if
line == 0 or col < 0.  (A column of 0 may be valid due to the
-fdiagnostics-column-origin option.)
The result is a statically allocated buffer.   

References gcc_checking_assert.

Referenced by diagnostic_context::get_location_text(), and diagnostic_context::report_current_module().

◆ num_digits()

int num_digits ( int value)
Get the number of digits in the decimal representation of VALUE.   

References gcc_assert.

Referenced by dump_location_info().

◆ print_escaped_string()

static void print_escaped_string ( pretty_printer * pp,
const char * text )
Helper function for print_parseable_fixits.  Print TEXT to PP, obeying the
escaping rules for -fdiagnostics-parseable-fixits.   

References gcc_assert, pp_character(), pp_printf(), and pp_string().

Referenced by print_parseable_fixits().

◆ print_parseable_fixits()

static void print_parseable_fixits ( file_cache & fc,
pretty_printer * pp,
rich_location * richloc,
enum diagnostics_column_unit column_unit,
int tabstop )
Implementation of -fdiagnostics-parseable-fixits and
Print a machine-parseable version of all fixits in RICHLOC to PP,
using COLUMN_UNIT to express columns.

References convert_column_unit(), expand_location(), gcc_assert, i, NULL, pp_newline(), pp_printf(), pp_set_prefix(), pp_string(), pp_take_prefix(), and print_escaped_string().

Referenced by diagnostic_context::report_diagnostic().

◆ real_abort()

static void real_abort ( void )
Disable warnings about quoting issues in the pp_xxx calls below
that (intentionally) don't follow GCC diagnostic conventions.   
Really call the system 'abort'.  This has to go right at the end of
this file, so that there are no functions after it that call abort
and get the system abort instead of our macro.   

References abort.

Referenced by diagnostic_context::action_after_output(), diagnostic_context::error_recursion(), and fancy_abort().

◆ trim_filename()

const char * trim_filename ( const char * name)
Given a partial pathname as input, return another pathname that
shares no directory elements with the pathname of __FILE__.  This
is used by fancy_abort() to print `internal compiler error in expr.cc'
instead of `internal compiler error in ../../GCC/gcc/expr.cc'.   

Referenced by fancy_abort().

Variable Documentation

◆ bt_stop

const char* const bt_stop[]
Initial value:
Functions at which to stop the backtrace print.  It's not
particularly helpful to print the callers of these functions.   

Referenced by bt_callback().

◆ diagnostic_kind_color

const char* const diagnostic_kind_color[]
Initial value:
= {
#define NULL
Definition system.h:50

Referenced by diagnostic_build_prefix(), diagnostic_get_color_for_kind(), diagnostic_context::print_any_cwe(), diagnostic_context::print_any_rules(), and diagnostic_context::print_option_information().

◆ diagnostic_kind_text

const char* const diagnostic_kind_text[]
Initial value:
= {

Referenced by diagnostic_build_prefix(), fancy_abort(), and get_diagnostic_kind_text().

◆ progname

const char* progname
Name of program invoked, sans directories.