GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
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1/* Fold a constant sub-tree into a single node for C-compiler
2 Copyright (C) 1987-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
4This file is part of GCC.
6GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
7the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
8Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
11GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
12WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
13FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
14for more details.
16You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
18<http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */
20#ifndef GCC_FOLD_CONST_H
21#define GCC_FOLD_CONST_H
23/* Nonzero if we are folding constants inside an initializer or a C++
24 manifestly-constant-evaluated context; zero otherwise.
25 Should be used when folding in initializer enables additional
26 optimizations. */
27extern int folding_initializer;
28/* Nonzero if we are folding C++ manifestly-constant-evaluated context; zero
29 otherwise.
30 Should be used when certain constructs shouldn't be optimized
31 during folding in that context. */
32extern bool folding_cxx_constexpr;
34/* Convert between trees and native memory representation. */
35extern int native_encode_expr (const_tree, unsigned char *, int, int off = -1);
36extern int native_encode_initializer (tree, unsigned char *, int,
37 int off = -1, unsigned char * = nullptr);
38extern tree native_interpret_expr (tree, const unsigned char *, int);
39extern tree native_interpret_real (tree, const unsigned char *, int);
41extern tree native_interpret_aggregate (tree, const unsigned char *, int, int);
42extern tree find_bitfield_repr_type (int, int);
43extern void shift_bytes_in_array_left (unsigned char *, unsigned int,
44 unsigned int);
45extern void shift_bytes_in_array_right (unsigned char *, unsigned int,
46 unsigned int);
48/* Fold constants as much as possible in an expression.
49 Returns the simplified expression.
50 Acts only on the top level of the expression;
51 if the argument itself cannot be simplified, its
52 subexpressions are not changed. */
54extern tree fold (tree);
55extern tree fold_init (tree);
56#define fold_unary(CODE,T1,T2)\
57 fold_unary_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2)
58extern tree fold_unary_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
59#define fold_unary_ignore_overflow(CODE,T1,T2)\
60 fold_unary_ignore_overflow_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2)
61extern tree fold_unary_ignore_overflow_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
62#define fold_binary(CODE,T1,T2,T3)\
63 fold_binary_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2, T3)
64extern tree fold_binary_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
65#define fold_ternary(CODE,T1,T2,T3,T4)\
66 fold_ternary_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2, T3, T4)
67extern tree fold_ternary_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree);
68#define fold_build1(c,t1,t2)\
69 fold_build1_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, c, t1, t2 MEM_STAT_INFO)
70extern tree fold_build1_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree,
72#define fold_build2(c,t1,t2,t3)\
73 fold_build2_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, c, t1, t2, t3 MEM_STAT_INFO)
74extern tree fold_build2_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree,
76#define fold_build3(c,t1,t2,t3,t4)\
77 fold_build3_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, c, t1, t2, t3, t4 MEM_STAT_INFO)
78extern tree fold_build3_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree,
80extern tree fold_build1_initializer_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
81extern tree fold_build2_initializer_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
82#define fold_build_call_array(T1,T2,N,T4)\
83 fold_build_call_array_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, N, T4)
84extern tree fold_build_call_array_loc (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *);
85#define fold_build_call_array_initializer(T1,T2,N,T4)\
86 fold_build_call_array_initializer_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, N, T4)
87extern tree fold_build_call_array_initializer_loc (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *);
89extern tree get_array_ctor_element_at_index (tree, offset_int,
90 unsigned * = NULL);
92#define fold_convert(T1,T2)\
93 fold_convert_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2)
94extern tree fold_convert_loc (location_t, tree, tree);
97extern tree fold_indirect_ref_1 (location_t, tree, tree);
98extern void fold_defer_overflow_warnings (void);
99extern void fold_undefer_overflow_warnings (bool, const gimple *, int);
101extern bool fold_deferring_overflow_warnings_p (void);
102extern void fold_overflow_warning (const char*, enum warn_strict_overflow_code);
103extern enum tree_code fold_div_compare (enum tree_code, tree, tree,
104 tree *, tree *, bool *);
105extern bool operand_equal_p (const_tree, const_tree, unsigned int flags = 0);
106extern bool multiple_of_p (tree, const_tree, const_tree, bool = true);
107#define omit_one_operand(T1,T2,T3)\
108 omit_one_operand_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, T3)
109extern tree omit_one_operand_loc (location_t, tree, tree, tree);
110#define omit_two_operands(T1,T2,T3,T4)\
111 omit_two_operands_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2, T3, T4)
112extern tree omit_two_operands_loc (location_t, tree, tree, tree, tree);
113#define invert_truthvalue(T)\
114 invert_truthvalue_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
115extern tree invert_truthvalue_loc (location_t, tree);
119 tree, enum tree_code, tree, tree,
120 tree, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree *);
124extern tree fold_vec_perm (tree, tree, tree, const vec_perm_indices &);
126extern bool wide_int_binop (wide_int &res, enum tree_code,
127 const wide_int &arg1, const wide_int &arg2,
129extern tree int_const_binop (enum tree_code, const_tree, const_tree, int = 1);
130#define build_fold_addr_expr(T)\
131 build_fold_addr_expr_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, (T))
132extern tree build_fold_addr_expr_loc (location_t, tree);
133#define build_fold_addr_expr_with_type(T,TYPE)\
134 build_fold_addr_expr_with_type_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, (T), TYPE)
137#define build_fold_indirect_ref(T)\
138 build_fold_indirect_ref_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
139extern tree build_fold_indirect_ref_loc (location_t, tree);
140#define fold_indirect_ref(T)\
141 fold_indirect_ref_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
142extern tree fold_indirect_ref_loc (location_t, tree);
143extern tree build_simple_mem_ref_loc (location_t, tree);
144#define build_simple_mem_ref(T)\
145 build_simple_mem_ref_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
148extern tree constant_boolean_node (bool, tree);
152extern enum tree_code swap_tree_comparison (enum tree_code);
154extern bool ptr_difference_const (tree, tree, poly_int64 *);
155extern enum tree_code invert_tree_comparison (enum tree_code, bool);
158extern bool tree_unary_nonzero_warnv_p (enum tree_code, tree, tree, bool *);
159extern bool tree_binary_nonzero_warnv_p (enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree op1,
160 bool *);
161extern bool tree_single_nonzero_warnv_p (tree, bool *);
163 bool *, int);
165 bool *, int);
166extern bool tree_single_nonnegative_warnv_p (tree, bool *, int);
168 bool *, int);
170extern bool integer_valued_real_unary_p (tree_code, tree, int);
173extern bool integer_valued_real_single_p (tree, int);
174extern bool integer_valued_real_p (tree, int = 0);
177 int);
178extern tree combine_comparisons (location_t, enum tree_code, enum tree_code,
179 enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
182#define round_up(T,N) round_up_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T, N)
183extern tree round_up_loc (location_t, tree, unsigned int);
184#define round_down(T,N) round_down_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T, N)
185extern tree round_down_loc (location_t, tree, int);
187#define size_binop(CODE,T1,T2)\
188 size_binop_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, CODE, T1, T2)
189extern tree size_binop_loc (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree);
190#define size_diffop(T1,T2)\
191 size_diffop_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T1, T2)
192extern tree size_diffop_loc (location_t, tree, tree);
194/* Return an expr equal to X but certainly not valid as an lvalue. */
195#define non_lvalue(T) non_lvalue_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, T)
196extern tree non_lvalue_loc (location_t, tree);
198extern bool tree_expr_nonzero_p (tree);
199extern bool tree_expr_nonnegative_p (tree);
200extern bool tree_expr_nonnegative_warnv_p (tree, bool *, int = 0);
201extern bool tree_expr_finite_p (const_tree);
202extern bool tree_expr_infinite_p (const_tree);
206extern bool tree_expr_nan_p (const_tree);
209extern tree make_range (tree, int *, tree *, tree *, bool *);
210extern tree make_range_step (location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree,
211 tree *, tree *, int *, bool *);
212extern tree range_check_type (tree);
213extern tree build_range_check (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree, tree);
214extern bool merge_ranges (int *, tree *, tree *, int, tree, tree, int,
215 tree, tree);
217extern bool simple_condition_p (tree);
218extern tree exact_inverse (tree, tree);
219extern bool expr_not_equal_to (tree t, const wide_int &);
220extern tree const_unop (enum tree_code, tree, tree);
221extern tree const_binop (enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree);
222extern bool negate_mathfn_p (combined_fn);
223extern const char *getbyterep (tree, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *);
224extern const char *c_getstr (tree);
226extern int address_compare (tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree &, tree &,
227 poly_int64 &, poly_int64 &, bool);
230/* Return OFF converted to a pointer offset type suitable as offset for
231 POINTER_PLUS_EXPR. Use location LOC for this conversion. */
232extern tree convert_to_ptrofftype_loc (location_t loc, tree off);
234#define convert_to_ptrofftype(t) convert_to_ptrofftype_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, t)
236/* Build and fold a POINTER_PLUS_EXPR at LOC offsetting PTR by OFF. */
237extern tree fold_build_pointer_plus_loc (location_t loc, tree ptr, tree off);
239#define fold_build_pointer_plus(p,o) \
240 fold_build_pointer_plus_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, p, o)
242/* Build and fold a POINTER_PLUS_EXPR at LOC offsetting PTR by OFF. */
243extern tree fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi_loc (location_t loc, tree ptr, HOST_WIDE_INT off);
245#define fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi(p,o) \
246 fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi_loc (UNKNOWN_LOCATION, p, o)
249 tree, tree);
251/* In gimple-fold.cc. */
252extern void clear_type_padding_in_mask (tree, unsigned char *);
255 const_tree);
257/* Class used to compare gimple operands. */
262 /* Return true if two operands are equal. The flags fields can be used
263 to specify OEP flags described in tree-core.h. */
264 virtual bool operand_equal_p (const_tree, const_tree, unsigned int flags);
266 /* Generate a hash value for an expression. This can be used iteratively
267 by passing a previous result as the HSTATE argument. */
268 virtual void hash_operand (const_tree, inchash::hash &, unsigned flags);
271 /* Verify that when arguments (ARG0 and ARG1) are equal, then they have
272 an equal hash value. When the function knowns comparison return,
273 true is returned. Then RET is set to corresponding comparsion result. */
274 bool verify_hash_value (const_tree arg0, const_tree arg1, unsigned int flags,
275 bool *ret);
278#endif // GCC_FOLD_CONST_H
Definition genmatch.cc:845
Definition inchash.h:38
Definition fold-const.h:260
virtual bool operand_equal_p(const_tree, const_tree, unsigned int flags)
Definition fold-const.cc:3157
bool verify_hash_value(const_tree arg0, const_tree arg1, unsigned int flags, bool *ret)
Definition fold-const.cc:4197
virtual void hash_operand(const_tree, inchash::hash &, unsigned flags)
Definition fold-const.cc:3893
Definition vec-perm-indices.h:51
const union tree_node * const_tree
Definition coretypes.h:98
Definition coretypes.h:312
union tree_node * tree
Definition coretypes.h:97
#define integer_valued_real_p(X)
Definition fold-const.cc:15775
tree fold_vec_perm(tree type, tree arg0, tree arg1, const vec_perm_indices &sel)
Definition fold-const.cc:10971
#define tree_expr_nonnegative_warnv_p(X, Y)
Definition fold-const.cc:14965
bool can_native_interpret_type_p(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:9083
tree build_simple_mem_ref_loc(location_t, tree)
Definition tree.cc:5272
tree fold_binary_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:11261
bool tree_unary_nonnegative_warnv_p(enum tree_code, tree, tree, bool *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:14991
tree fold_build3_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree CXX_MEM_STAT_INFO)
bool tree_expr_maybe_nan_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14878
tree const_binop(enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:1763
tree fold_build_call_array_initializer_loc(location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *)
Definition fold-const.cc:14430
tree find_bitfield_repr_type(int, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:8239
bool arith_overflowed_p(enum tree_code, const_tree, const_tree, const_tree)
Definition gimple-fold.cc:5437
tree build_fold_addr_expr_loc(location_t, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:9475
tree invert_truthvalue_loc(location_t, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:4668
tree omit_two_operands_loc(location_t, tree, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:4490
tree fold_read_from_constant_string(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16032
tree size_binop_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:2066
bool tree_single_nonnegative_warnv_p(tree, bool *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15184
tree omit_one_operand_loc(location_t, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:4463
bool fold_deferring_overflow_warnings_p(void)
Definition fold-const.cc:363
tree build_fold_addr_expr_with_type_loc(location_t, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:9433
tree ctor_single_nonzero_element(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:17257
bool expr_not_equal_to(tree t, const wide_int &)
Definition fold-const.cc:11228
bool tree_swap_operands_p(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:7636
void fold_undefer_overflow_warnings(bool, const gimple *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:311
void fold_defer_overflow_warnings(void)
Definition fold-const.cc:296
tree get_array_ctor_element_at_index(tree, offset_int, unsigned *=NULL)
Definition fold-const.cc:13692
tree convert_to_ptrofftype_loc(location_t loc, tree off)
Definition fold-const.cc:16847
tree make_range(tree, int *, tree *, tree *, bool *)
Definition fold-const.cc:5550
bool operand_equal_p(const_tree, const_tree, unsigned int flags=0)
Definition fold-const.cc:4234
bool tree_unary_nonzero_warnv_p(enum tree_code, tree, tree, bool *)
Definition fold-const.cc:15568
tree build_invariant_address(tree, tree, poly_int64)
Definition tree.cc:5313
bool merge_ranges(int *, tree *, tree *, int, tree, tree, int, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:5818
tree fold_binary_to_constant(enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16006
bool integer_valued_real_binary_p(tree_code, tree, tree, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15821
bool may_negate_without_overflow_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:464
void debug_fold_checksum(const_tree)
int native_encode_initializer(tree, unsigned char *, int, int off=-1, unsigned char *=nullptr)
Definition fold-const.cc:8282
tree fold_build2_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree CXX_MEM_STAT_INFO)
bool tree_binary_nonzero_warnv_p(enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree op1, bool *)
Definition fold-const.cc:15608
const char * getbyterep(tree, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *)
Definition fold-const.cc:16882
int native_encode_expr(const_tree, unsigned char *, int, int off=-1)
Definition fold-const.cc:8202
tree fold_convert_loc(location_t, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:2605
wide_int tree_nonzero_bits(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16972
tree constant_boolean_node(bool, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:7376
tree sign_bit_p(tree, const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:5070
tree fold_unary_to_constant(enum tree_code, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16021
bool multiple_of_p(tree, const_tree, const_tree, bool=true)
Definition fold-const.cc:14505
bool tree_expr_nonnegative_p(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:15544
void fold_undefer_and_ignore_overflow_warnings(void)
Definition fold-const.cc:355
bool inverse_conditions_p(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:3011
enum tree_code invert_tree_comparison(enum tree_code, bool)
Definition fold-const.cc:2846
tree fold_indirect_ref_loc(location_t, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16581
tree round_up_loc(location_t, tree, unsigned int)
Definition fold-const.cc:16647
tree fold_build1_initializer_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14404
tree fold_unary_ignore_overflow_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:9885
bool fold_real_zero_addition_p(const_tree, const_tree, const_tree, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:7499
bool tree_expr_finite_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14680
bool tree_expr_nonzero_p(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:11211
tree fold_build_call_array_loc(location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *)
Definition fold-const.cc:14319
tree size_diffop_loc(location_t, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:2118
tree size_int_kind(poly_int64, enum size_type_kind)
Definition fold-const.cc:2055
tree int_const_binop(enum tree_code, const_tree, const_tree, int=1)
Definition fold-const.cc:1299
const char * c_getstr(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16964
bool tree_single_nonzero_warnv_p(tree, bool *)
Definition fold-const.cc:15716
bool integer_valued_real_call_p(combined_fn, tree, tree, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15846
tree fold_ternary_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:13194
tree fold_indirect_ref_1(location_t, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16413
tree fold_build1_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree CXX_MEM_STAT_INFO)
tree native_interpret_expr(tree, const unsigned char *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:9031
tree fold_ignored_result(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16596
tree fold_build_pointer_plus_hwi_loc(location_t loc, tree ptr, HOST_WIDE_INT off)
Definition fold-const.cc:16864
tree make_range_step(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree *, tree *, int *, bool *)
Definition fold-const.cc:5253
tree fold_init(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14392
void clear_type_padding_in_mask(tree, unsigned char *)
Definition gimple-fold.cc:4953
tree fold_binary_initializer_loc(location_t, tree_code, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14443
void shift_bytes_in_array_right(unsigned char *, unsigned int, unsigned int)
Definition fold-const.cc:9310
bool tree_binary_nonnegative_warnv_p(enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, bool *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15057
tree fold_build_pointer_plus_loc(location_t loc, tree ptr, tree off)
Definition fold-const.cc:16856
tree fold_build_cleanup_point_expr(tree type, tree expr)
Definition fold-const.cc:16383
tree fold_read_from_vector(tree, poly_uint64)
Definition fold-const.cc:16083
tree fold_build2_initializer_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14417
bool tree_expr_maybe_real_minus_zero_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14930
tree div_if_zero_remainder(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:258
poly_offset_int mem_ref_offset(const_tree)
Definition tree.cc:5303
tree combine_comparisons(location_t, enum tree_code, enum tree_code, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:3031
bool tree_expr_nan_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14854
tree const_unop(enum tree_code, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:1894
tree exact_inverse(tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:11063
tree build_range_check(location_t, tree, tree, int, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:5688
bool simple_condition_p(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:5131
tree_code minmax_from_comparison(tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:157
bool negate_mathfn_p(combined_fn)
Definition fold-const.cc:391
enum tree_code swap_tree_comparison(enum tree_code)
Definition fold-const.cc:2891
tree non_lvalue_loc(location_t, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:2828
bool tree_expr_infinite_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14732
bool ptr_difference_const(tree, tree, poly_int64 *)
Definition fold-const.cc:16804
bool clear_padding_type_may_have_padding_p(tree)
Definition gimple-fold.cc:4628
tree fold_bit_and_mask(tree, tree, enum tree_code, tree, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree, enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree *)
Definition fold-const.cc:13053
bool tree_call_nonnegative_warnv_p(tree, combined_fn, tree, tree, bool *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15225
bool fold_convertible_p(const_tree, const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:2560
bool wide_int_binop(wide_int &res, enum tree_code, const wide_int &arg1, const wide_int &arg2, signop, wi::overflow_type *)
Definition fold-const.cc:1083
bool tree_expr_maybe_infinite_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14758
bool folding_cxx_constexpr
Definition fold-const.cc:100
tree native_interpret_aggregate(tree, const unsigned char *, int, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:9107
int address_compare(tree_code, tree, tree, tree, tree &, tree &, poly_int64 &, poly_int64 &, bool)
Definition fold-const.cc:17047
tree native_interpret_real(tree, const unsigned char *, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:8879
void shift_bytes_in_array_left(unsigned char *, unsigned int, unsigned int)
Definition fold-const.cc:9277
void fold_overflow_warning(const char *, enum warn_strict_overflow_code)
Definition fold-const.cc:372
enum tree_code fold_div_compare(enum tree_code, tree, tree, tree *, tree *, bool *)
Definition fold-const.cc:7542
bool tree_expr_signaling_nan_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14783
tree range_check_type(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:5648
tree fold_abs_const(tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16157
bool tree_expr_maybe_signaling_nan_p(const_tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:14807
bool integer_valued_real_unary_p(tree_code, tree, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15788
int folding_initializer
Definition fold-const.cc:94
tree build_fold_indirect_ref_loc(location_t, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:16567
tree fold(tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:13808
tree fold_unary_loc(location_t, enum tree_code, tree, tree)
Definition fold-const.cc:9487
tree round_down_loc(location_t, tree, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:16709
bool integer_valued_real_single_p(tree, int)
Definition fold-const.cc:15885
Definition genmatch.cc:365
Definition genmatch.cc:347
Definition wide-int.h:377
Definition signop.h:28
Definition statistics.h:58
Definition gimple.h:225
Definition gengtype.h:252
#define NULL
Definition system.h:50
Definition tree-core.h:937