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ipa-icf.h File Reference
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Data Structures

class  ipa_icf::congruence_class
class  ipa_icf::symbol_compare_collection
struct  ipa_icf::symbol_compare_hash
class  ipa_icf::sem_usage_pair
struct  ipa_icf::sem_usage_pair_hash
struct  ipa_icf::sem_usage_hash
class  ipa_icf::sem_item
class  ipa_icf::sem_function
class  ipa_icf::sem_variable
struct  ipa_icf::congruence_class_group
struct  ipa_icf::congruence_class_hash
struct  ipa_icf::traverse_split_pair
class  ipa_icf::sem_item_optimizer


namespace  ipa_icf


typedef hash_map< sem_usage_hash, auto_vec< sem_item * > > ipa_icf::ref_map
typedef std::pair< symtab_node *, symtab_node * > ipa_icf::symtab_pair


enum  ipa_icf::sem_item_type { ipa_icf::FUNC , ipa_icf::VAR }