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tree-ssa-threadedge.h File Reference
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Data Structures

class  jt_state
class  jt_simplifier
class  hybrid_jt_state
class  hybrid_jt_simplifier
class  jump_threader


#define SSA_NAME_VALUE(x)


void propagate_threaded_block_debug_into (basic_block, basic_block)
bool single_succ_to_potentially_threadable_block (basic_block)
void set_ssa_name_value (tree, tree)


vec< treessa_name_values

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Function Documentation

◆ propagate_threaded_block_debug_into()

◆ set_ssa_name_value()

◆ single_succ_to_potentially_threadable_block()

bool single_succ_to_potentially_threadable_block ( basic_block bb)
Return TRUE if BB has a single successor to a block with multiple
incoming and outgoing edges.   

References EDGE_COMPLEX, ggc_alloc(), potentially_threadable_block(), single_succ(), single_succ_edge(), and single_succ_p().

Referenced by jump_threader::thread_outgoing_edges().

Variable Documentation

◆ ssa_name_values

vec<tree> ssa_name_values
Array to record value-handles per SSA_NAME.   

Referenced by jump_threader::jump_threader(), set_ssa_name_value(), and jump_threader::~jump_threader().