GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
rtlhooks.cc File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "system.h"
#include "coretypes.h"
#include "tm.h"
#include "function.h"
#include "rtl.h"
#include "tree.h"
#include "insn-config.h"
#include "memmodel.h"
#include "emit-rtl.h"
#include "recog.h"
#include "rtlhooks-def.h"
#include "explow.h"
#include "target.h"
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rtx gen_lowpart_general (machine_mode mode, rtx x)
rtx reg_num_sign_bit_copies_general (const_rtx, scalar_int_mode, scalar_int_mode, unsigned int *)
rtx reg_nonzero_bits_general (const_rtx, scalar_int_mode, scalar_int_mode, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *)
bool reg_truncated_to_mode_general (machine_mode mode, const_rtx x)
rtx gen_lowpart_if_possible (machine_mode mode, rtx x)


const struct rtl_hooks general_rtl_hooks = RTL_HOOKS_INITIALIZER
struct rtl_hooks rtl_hooks = RTL_HOOKS_INITIALIZER

Function Documentation

◆ gen_lowpart_general()

◆ gen_lowpart_if_possible()

rtx gen_lowpart_if_possible ( machine_mode mode,
rtx x )
Assuming that X is an rtx (e.g., MEM, REG or SUBREG) for a fixed-point
number, return an rtx (MEM, SUBREG, or CONST_INT) that refers to the
least-significant part of X.
MODE specifies how big a part of X to return.

If the requested operation cannot be done, 0 is returned.

This is similar to gen_lowpart_general.   

References adjust_address_nv, byte_lowpart_offset(), gen_lowpart_common(), gen_lowpart_SUBREG(), GET_MODE, ggc_alloc(), MEM_ADDR_SPACE, MEM_P, memory_address_addr_space_p(), offset, subreg_lowpart_offset(), SUBREG_P, validate_subreg(), and XEXP.

Referenced by extract_bit_field_using_extv(), gen_lowpart_for_debug(), and store_bit_field_using_insv().

◆ reg_nonzero_bits_general()

rtx reg_nonzero_bits_general ( const_rtx ,
scalar_int_mode ,
scalar_int_mode ,
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *  )

References NULL.

◆ reg_num_sign_bit_copies_general()

rtx reg_num_sign_bit_copies_general ( const_rtx ,
scalar_int_mode ,
scalar_int_mode ,
unsigned int *  )

References NULL.

◆ reg_truncated_to_mode_general()

bool reg_truncated_to_mode_general ( machine_mode mode,
const_rtx x )

Variable Documentation

◆ general_rtl_hooks

Generic hooks for the RTL middle-end.
   Copyright (C) 2004-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
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For speed, we will copy the RTX hooks struct member-by-member
instead of doing indirect calls.  For these reason, we initialize
*two* struct rtl_hooks globals: rtl_hooks is the one that is used
to actually call the hooks, while general_rtl_hooks is used
to restore the hooks by passes that modify them.   

Referenced by combine_instructions(), and cse_main().

◆ rtl_hooks

struct rtl_hooks rtl_hooks = RTL_HOOKS_INITIALIZER
Each pass can provide its own.