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tree-ssa-alias.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  pt_solution
class  ao_ref




void ao_ref_init (ao_ref *, tree)
void ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_size (ao_ref *, tree, tree)
void ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_range (ao_ref *, tree, bool, poly_int64, poly_int64, poly_int64)
tree ao_ref_base (ao_ref *)
alias_set_type ao_ref_alias_set (ao_ref *)
alias_set_type ao_ref_base_alias_set (ao_ref *)
tree ao_ref_alias_ptr_type (ao_ref *)
tree ao_ref_base_alias_ptr_type (ao_ref *)
bool ao_ref_alignment (ao_ref *, unsigned int *, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *)
bool ptr_deref_may_alias_global_p (tree, bool)
bool ptr_derefs_may_alias_p (tree, tree)
bool ptrs_compare_unequal (tree, tree)
bool ref_may_alias_global_p (tree, bool)
bool ref_may_alias_global_p (ao_ref *, bool)
bool refs_may_alias_p (tree, tree, bool=true)
bool refs_may_alias_p_1 (ao_ref *, ao_ref *, bool)
bool refs_anti_dependent_p (tree, tree)
bool refs_output_dependent_p (tree, tree)
bool ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p (gimple *, tree, bool=true)
bool ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p (gimple *, ao_ref *, bool=true)
bool stmt_may_clobber_global_p (gimple *, bool)
bool stmt_may_clobber_ref_p (gimple *, tree, bool=true)
bool stmt_may_clobber_ref_p_1 (gimple *, ao_ref *, bool=true)
bool call_may_clobber_ref_p (gcall *, tree, bool=true)
bool call_may_clobber_ref_p_1 (gcall *, ao_ref *, bool=true)
bool stmt_kills_ref_p (gimple *, tree)
bool stmt_kills_ref_p (gimple *, ao_ref *)
tree get_continuation_for_phi (gimple *, ao_ref *, bool, unsigned int &, bitmap *, bool, void *(*)(ao_ref *, tree, void *, translate_flags *), void *, translate_flags=TR_VALUEIZE_AND_DISAMBIGUATE)
voidwalk_non_aliased_vuses (ao_ref *, tree, bool, void *(*)(ao_ref *, tree, void *), void *(*)(ao_ref *, tree, void *, translate_flags *), tree(*)(tree), unsigned &, void *)
int walk_aliased_vdefs (ao_ref *, tree, bool(*)(ao_ref *, tree, void *), void *, bitmap *, bool *function_entry_reached=NULL, unsigned int limit=0)
void dump_alias_info (FILE *)
void debug_alias_info (void)
void dump_points_to_solution (FILE *, struct pt_solution *)
void debug (pt_solution &ref)
void debug (pt_solution *ptr)
void dump_points_to_info_for (FILE *, tree)
void debug_points_to_info_for (tree)
void dump_alias_stats (FILE *)
unsigned int compute_may_aliases (void)
bool pt_solution_empty_p (const pt_solution *)
bool pt_solution_singleton_or_null_p (struct pt_solution *, unsigned *)
bool pt_solution_includes_global (struct pt_solution *, bool)
bool pt_solution_includes (struct pt_solution *, const_tree)
bool pt_solutions_intersect (struct pt_solution *, struct pt_solution *)
void pt_solution_reset (struct pt_solution *)
void pt_solution_set (struct pt_solution *, bitmap, bool)
void pt_solution_set_var (struct pt_solution *, tree)
void dump_pta_stats (FILE *)
bool ranges_overlap_p (HOST_WIDE_INT pos1, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT size1, HOST_WIDE_INT pos2, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT size2)


struct pt_solution ipa_escaped_pt

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ translate_flags


Function Documentation

◆ ao_ref_alias_ptr_type()

tree ao_ref_alias_ptr_type ( ao_ref * ref)
Returns a type satisfying
get_deref_alias_set (type) == ao_ref_alias_set (REF).   

References ggc_alloc(), NULL_TREE, ao_ref::ref, and reference_alias_ptr_type().

Referenced by ao_compare::compare_ao_refs(), and ipa_icf::sem_function::hash_stmt().

◆ ao_ref_alias_set()

◆ ao_ref_alignment()

bool ao_ref_alignment ( ao_ref * ref,
unsigned int * align,
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT * bitpos )
Return the alignment of the access *REF and store it in the *ALIGN
and *BITPOS pairs.  Returns false if no alignment could be determined.
See get_object_alignment_2 for details.   

References ptr_info_def::align, ao_ref::base, get_object_alignment_1(), get_object_alignment_2(), ggc_alloc(), poly_int< N, C >::is_constant(), offset, ao_ref::offset, and ao_ref::ref.

Referenced by compute_trims().

◆ ao_ref_base()

◆ ao_ref_base_alias_ptr_type()

tree ao_ref_base_alias_ptr_type ( ao_ref * ref)
Returns a type satisfying
get_deref_alias_set (type) == ao_ref_base_alias_set (REF).   

References ggc_alloc(), handled_component_p(), NULL_TREE, ao_ref::ref, reference_alias_ptr_type(), TREE_CODE, and TREE_OPERAND.

Referenced by ao_compare::compare_ao_refs(), and ipa_icf::sem_function::hash_stmt().

◆ ao_ref_base_alias_set()

◆ ao_ref_init()

◆ ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_range()

void ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_range ( ao_ref * ref,
tree ptr,
bool range_known,
poly_int64 offset,
poly_int64 size,
poly_int64 max_size )
Init an alias-oracle reference representation from a gimple pointer
PTR a range specified by OFFSET, SIZE and MAX_SIZE under the assumption
that RANGE_KNOWN is set.

The access is assumed to be only to or after of the pointer target adjusted
by the offset, not before it (even in the case RANGE_KNOWN is false).   

References ao_ref::base, ao_ref::base_alias_set, build2(), char_type_node, gcc_assert, get_addr_base_and_unit_offset(), get_base_address(), ggc_alloc(), gimple_assign_rhs1(), gimple_assign_rhs2(), gimple_assign_rhs_code(), gimple_assign_single_p(), is_gimple_assign(), ao_ref::max_size, null_pointer_node, NULL_TREE, offset, ao_ref::offset, POINTER_TYPE_P, ptrdiff_tree_p(), ao_ref::ref, ao_ref::ref_alias_set, ao_ref::size, SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT, TREE_CODE, TREE_OPERAND, TREE_TYPE, and ao_ref::volatile_p.

Referenced by ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_size(), check_fnspec(), and modref_access_node::get_ao_ref().

◆ ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_size()

void ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_size ( ao_ref * ref,
tree ptr,
tree size )
Init an alias-oracle reference representation from a gimple pointer
PTR and a gimple size SIZE in bytes.  If SIZE is NULL_TREE then the
size is assumed to be unknown.  The access is assumed to be only
to or after of the pointer target, not before it.   

References ao_ref_init_from_ptr_and_range(), coeffs_in_range_p(), ggc_alloc(), HOST_WIDE_INT_MAX, and poly_int_tree_p().

Referenced by call_may_clobber_ref_p_1(), determine_known_aggregate_parts(), ipa_polymorphic_call_context::get_dynamic_type(), gimple_fold_builtin_memory_op(), initialize_ao_ref_for_dse(), maybe_invalidate(), maybe_warn_pass_by_reference(), parm_ref_data_pass_through_p(), ref_maybe_used_by_call_p_1(), stmt_kills_ref_p(), and vn_reference_lookup_3().

◆ call_may_clobber_ref_p()

bool call_may_clobber_ref_p ( gcall * call,
tree ref,
bool tbaa_p )
If the call in statement CALL may clobber the memory reference REF
return true, otherwise return false.   

References alias_stats, ao_ref_init(), call_may_clobber_ref_p_1(), and r.

Referenced by dest_safe_for_nrv_p(), and find_tail_calls().

◆ call_may_clobber_ref_p_1()

◆ compute_may_aliases()

unsigned int compute_may_aliases ( void )
In tree-ssa-structalias.cc   
Compute points-to information for every SSA_NAME pointer in the
current function and compute the transitive closure of escaped
variables to re-initialize the call-clobber states of local variables.   

References cfun, compute_dependence_clique(), compute_points_to_sets(), delete_points_to_sets(), dump_alias_info(), dump_file, dump_flags, gcc_assert, ggc_alloc(), need_ssa_update_p(), TDF_ALIAS, and TDF_DETAILS.

Referenced by execute_function_todo().

◆ debug() [1/2]

void debug ( pt_solution & ref)
Unified dump function for pt_solution.   

References dump_points_to_solution(), and ggc_alloc().

◆ debug() [2/2]

void debug ( pt_solution * ptr)

References debug, and ggc_alloc().

◆ debug_alias_info()

void debug_alias_info ( void )
Dump alias information on stderr.   

References dump_alias_info(), and ggc_alloc().

◆ debug_points_to_info_for()

void debug_points_to_info_for ( tree var)
Dump points-to information for VAR into stderr.   

References dump_points_to_info_for(), and ggc_alloc().

◆ dump_alias_info()

◆ dump_alias_stats()

void dump_alias_stats ( FILE * s)

◆ dump_points_to_info_for()

void dump_points_to_info_for ( FILE * file,
tree ptr )
Dump points-to information for SSA_NAME PTR into FILE.   

References dump_flags, dump_points_to_solution(), ggc_alloc(), print_generic_expr(), and SSA_NAME_PTR_INFO.

Referenced by debug_points_to_info_for(), dump_alias_info(), and dump_variable().

◆ dump_points_to_solution()

◆ dump_pta_stats()

void dump_pta_stats ( FILE * s)

◆ get_continuation_for_phi()

tree get_continuation_for_phi ( gimple * ,
ao_ref * ,
bool ,
unsigned int & ,
bitmap * ,
bool ,
void * *)(ao_ref *, tree, void *, translate_flags *,
void * ,

◆ pt_solution_empty_p()

◆ pt_solution_includes()

◆ pt_solution_includes_global()

bool pt_solution_includes_global ( struct pt_solution * pt,
bool escaped_local_p )
Return true if the points-to solution *PT includes global memory.
If ESCAPED_LOCAL_P is true then escaped local variables are also
considered global.   

References pt_solution::anything, cfun, pt_solution::escaped, ggc_alloc(), pt_solution::ipa_escaped, ipa_escaped_pt, pt_solution::nonlocal, pt_solution_includes_global(), pt_solution::vars_contains_escaped, pt_solution::vars_contains_escaped_heap, and pt_solution::vars_contains_nonlocal.

Referenced by pt_solution_includes_global(), and ptr_deref_may_alias_global_p().

◆ pt_solution_reset()

void pt_solution_reset ( struct pt_solution * pt)
Reset the points-to solution *PT to a conservative default
(point to anything).   

References pt_solution::anything, ggc_alloc(), and pt_solution::null.

Referenced by delete_tree_ssa(), expand_call_inline(), get_ptr_info(), gimple_call_reset_alias_info(), init_tree_ssa(), ipa_pta_execute(), parallelize_loops(), and pt_solution_ior_into().

◆ pt_solution_set()

void pt_solution_set ( struct pt_solution * pt,
bitmap vars,
bool vars_contains_nonlocal )
Set the points-to solution *PT to point only to the variables
in VARS.  VARS_CONTAINS_GLOBAL specifies whether that contains
global variables and VARS_CONTAINS_RESTRICT specifies whether
it contains restrict tag variables.   

References bitmap_intersect_p(), cfun, ggc_alloc(), pt_solution::vars, pt_solution::vars_contains_escaped, and pt_solution::vars_contains_nonlocal.

Referenced by update_alias_info_with_stack_vars().

◆ pt_solution_set_var()

void pt_solution_set_var ( struct pt_solution * pt,
tree var )

◆ pt_solution_singleton_or_null_p()

bool pt_solution_singleton_or_null_p ( struct pt_solution * pt,
unsigned * uid )
Return true if the points-to solution *PT only point to a single var, and
return the var uid in *UID.   

References pt_solution::anything, bitmap_first_set_bit(), bitmap_single_bit_set_p(), pt_solution::escaped, pt_solution::ipa_escaped, pt_solution::nonlocal, NULL, and pt_solution::vars.

Referenced by fold_builtin_alloca_with_align(), and same_addr_size_stores_p().

◆ pt_solutions_intersect()

◆ ptr_deref_may_alias_global_p()

bool ptr_deref_may_alias_global_p ( tree ptr,
bool escaped_local_p )
Return true, if dereferencing PTR may alias with a global variable.
When ESCAPED_LOCAL_P is true escaped local memory is also considered

References ggc_alloc(), pt_solution_includes_global(), SSA_NAME_PTR_INFO, and TREE_CODE.

Referenced by points_to_local_or_readonly_memory_p(), ref_may_alias_global_p_1(), ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p(), and thread_private_new_memory().

◆ ptr_derefs_may_alias_p()

bool ptr_derefs_may_alias_p ( tree ptr1,
tree ptr2 )
Return true if dereferenced PTR1 and PTR2 may alias.
The caller is responsible for applying TBAA to see if accesses
through PTR1 and PTR2 may conflict at all.   

References CONSTANT_CLASS_P, DECL_P, get_base_address(), ggc_alloc(), POINTER_TYPE_P, pt_solutions_intersect(), ptr_deref_may_alias_decl_p(), ptr_derefs_may_alias_p(), SSA_NAME_PTR_INFO, STRIP_NOPS, TREE_CODE, TREE_OPERAND, and TREE_TYPE.

Referenced by dr_may_alias_p(), generate_memcpy_builtin(), indirect_refs_may_alias_p(), ptr_deref_may_alias_ref_p_1(), and ptr_derefs_may_alias_p().

◆ ptrs_compare_unequal()

bool ptrs_compare_unequal ( tree ptr1,
tree ptr2 )

◆ ranges_overlap_p()

bool ranges_overlap_p ( HOST_WIDE_INT pos1,
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT size1,
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT size2 )
Return true, if the two ranges [POS1, SIZE1] and [POS2, SIZE2]
overlap.  SIZE1 and/or SIZE2 can be (unsigned)-1 in which case the
range is open-ended.  Otherwise return false.   

References ggc_alloc().

Referenced by do_structure_copy().

◆ ref_may_alias_global_p() [1/2]

bool ref_may_alias_global_p ( ao_ref * ref,
bool escaped_local_p )

◆ ref_may_alias_global_p() [2/2]

bool ref_may_alias_global_p ( tree ref,
bool escaped_local_p )

◆ ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p() [1/2]

◆ ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p() [2/2]

bool ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p ( gimple * stmt,
tree ref,
bool tbaa_p = true )

◆ refs_anti_dependent_p()

bool refs_anti_dependent_p ( tree load,
tree store )
Returns true if there is a anti-dependence for the STORE that
executes after the LOAD.   

References ao_ref_init(), ggc_alloc(), and refs_may_alias_p_1().

Referenced by dr_may_alias_p().

◆ refs_may_alias_p()

bool refs_may_alias_p ( tree ref1,
tree ref2,
bool tbaa_p = true )

◆ refs_may_alias_p_1()

◆ refs_output_dependent_p()

bool refs_output_dependent_p ( tree store1,
tree store2 )
Returns true if there is a output dependence for the stores
STORE1 and STORE2.   

References ao_ref_init(), ggc_alloc(), and refs_may_alias_p_1().

Referenced by dr_may_alias_p().

◆ stmt_kills_ref_p() [1/2]

◆ stmt_kills_ref_p() [2/2]

bool stmt_kills_ref_p ( gimple * stmt,
tree ref )

References ao_ref_init(), r, and stmt_kills_ref_p().

◆ stmt_may_clobber_global_p()

bool stmt_may_clobber_global_p ( gimple * stmt,
bool escaped_local_p )
Return true whether STMT may clobber global memory.
When ESCAPED_LOCAL_P is true escaped local memory is also considered

References ggc_alloc(), gimple_assign_lhs(), gimple_vdef(), ref_may_alias_global_p(), and TREE_CODE.

Referenced by mark_stmt_if_obviously_necessary().

◆ stmt_may_clobber_ref_p()

bool stmt_may_clobber_ref_p ( gimple * stmt,
tree ref,
bool tbaa_p = true )

◆ stmt_may_clobber_ref_p_1()

◆ walk_aliased_vdefs()

◆ walk_non_aliased_vuses()

void * walk_non_aliased_vuses ( ao_ref * ,
tree ,
bool ,
void * *)(ao_ref *, tree, void *,
void * *)(ao_ref *, tree, void *, translate_flags *,
tree(*)(tree) ,
unsigned & ,
void *  )

Variable Documentation

◆ ipa_escaped_pt