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omp-expand.h File Reference
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void omp_expand_local (basic_block head)
void omp_free_regions (void)
bool omp_make_gimple_edges (basic_block bb, struct omp_region **region, int *region_idx)

Function Documentation

◆ omp_expand_local()

void omp_expand_local ( basic_block head)
Expands omp construct (and its subconstructs) starting in HEAD.   

References build_omp_regions_root(), dump_file, dump_flags, dump_omp_region(), expand_omp(), omp_free_regions(), remove_exit_barriers(), root_omp_region, and TDF_DETAILS.

◆ omp_free_regions()

void omp_free_regions ( void )
Release the memory for the entire omp region tree.   

References free_omp_region_1(), omp_region::next, NULL, r, and root_omp_region.

Referenced by execute_expand_omp(), make_edges(), and omp_expand_local().

◆ omp_make_gimple_edges()