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capture_info::cinfo Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for capture_info::cinfo:

Data Fields

bool expr_p
bool cse_p
bool force_no_side_effects_p
bool force_single_use
bool cond_expr_cond_p
unsigned long toplevel_msk
unsigned match_use_count
unsigned result_use_count
unsigned same_as

Field Documentation

◆ c

capture* capture_info::cinfo::c

◆ cond_expr_cond_p

bool capture_info::cinfo::cond_expr_cond_p

◆ cse_p

bool capture_info::cinfo::cse_p

◆ expr_p

bool capture_info::cinfo::expr_p

◆ force_no_side_effects_p

bool capture_info::cinfo::force_no_side_effects_p

◆ force_single_use

bool capture_info::cinfo::force_single_use

◆ match_use_count

unsigned capture_info::cinfo::match_use_count

◆ result_use_count

unsigned capture_info::cinfo::result_use_count

◆ same_as

unsigned capture_info::cinfo::same_as

◆ toplevel_msk

unsigned long capture_info::cinfo::toplevel_msk

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