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Public Member Functions

 __init__ (self)
 invoke (self, arg, from_tty)

Detailed Description

A custom command to dump a gimple/rtl function to file.  By default, it
dumps the current function using 0 as dump_flags, but the function and flags
can also be specified. If /f <file> are passed as the first two arguments,
the dump is written to that file.  Otherwise, a temporary file is created
and opened in the text editor specified in the EDITOR environment variable.

Examples of use:
  (gdb) dump-fn
  (gdb) dump-fn /f foo.1.txt
  (gdb) dump-fn cfun->decl
  (gdb) dump-fn /f foo.1.txt cfun->decl
  (gdb) dump-fn cfun->decl 0
  (gdb) dump-fn cfun->decl dump_flags

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

gdbhooks.DumpFn.__init__ ( self)

Member Function Documentation

◆ invoke()

gdbhooks.DumpFn.invoke ( self,
from_tty )

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