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tree_switch_conversion::group_cluster Class Referenceabstract

#include <tree-switch-conversion.h>

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Public Member Functions

 group_cluster (vec< cluster * > &clusters, unsigned start, unsigned end)
 ~group_cluster ()
tree get_low () final override
tree get_high () final override
void debug () final override
void dump (FILE *f, bool details=false) final override
virtual cluster_type get_type ()=0
virtual void emit (tree, tree, tree, basic_block, location_t)=0
virtual bool is_single_value_p ()

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT get_range (tree low, tree high)

Data Fields

vec< simple_cluster * > m_cases
tree m_case_label_expr
basic_block m_case_bb
profile_probability m_prob
profile_probability m_subtree_prob
profile_probability m_default_prob

Detailed Description

Abstract subclass of jump table and bit test cluster,
handling a collection of simple_cluster instances.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ group_cluster()

group_cluster::group_cluster ( vec< cluster * > & clusters,
unsigned start,
unsigned end )

◆ ~group_cluster()

group_cluster::~group_cluster ( )

References i, and m_cases.

Member Function Documentation

◆ debug()

void tree_switch_conversion::group_cluster::debug ( )

Implements tree_switch_conversion::cluster.

References dump().

◆ dump()

◆ emit()

virtual void tree_switch_conversion::cluster::emit ( tree ,
tree ,
tree ,
basic_block ,
location_t  )
pure virtualinherited

◆ get_high()

◆ get_low()

◆ get_range()

◆ get_type()

◆ is_single_value_p()

virtual bool tree_switch_conversion::cluster::is_single_value_p ( )

Field Documentation

◆ m_case_bb

◆ m_case_label_expr

tree tree_switch_conversion::cluster::m_case_label_expr

◆ m_cases

◆ m_default_prob

◆ m_prob

◆ m_subtree_prob

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