GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
wi::int_traits< double_int > Struct Reference

#include <double-int.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int get_precision (const double_int &)
static wi::storage_ref decompose (HOST_WIDE_INT *, unsigned int, const double_int &)

Static Public Attributes

static enum precision_type precision_type = INL_CONST_PRECISION
static const bool host_dependent_precision = true
static const bool needs_write_val_arg = false
static const unsigned int precision = HOST_BITS_PER_DOUBLE_INT

Member Function Documentation

◆ decompose()

wi::storage_ref wi::int_traits< double_int >::decompose ( HOST_WIDE_INT * scratch,
unsigned int p,
const double_int & x )

◆ get_precision()

unsigned int wi::int_traits< double_int >::get_precision ( const double_int & )

References wi::precision.

Field Documentation

◆ host_dependent_precision

const bool wi::int_traits< double_int >::host_dependent_precision = true

◆ needs_write_val_arg

const bool wi::int_traits< double_int >::needs_write_val_arg = false

◆ precision

◆ precision_type

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