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ana::call_summary Class Reference

#include <call-summary.h>

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Public Member Functions

 call_summary (per_function_data *per_fn_data, const exploded_node *enode)
const program_stateget_state () const
tree get_fndecl () const
label_text get_desc () const
void dump_to_pp (const extrinsic_state &ext_state, pretty_printer *pp, bool simple) const
void dump (const extrinsic_state &ext_state, FILE *fp, bool simple) const
void dump (const extrinsic_state &ext_state, bool simple) const

Private Member Functions

void get_user_facing_desc (pretty_printer *pp) const

Private Attributes

per_function_data *const m_per_fn_data
const exploded_node *const m_enode

Detailed Description

A class summarizing one particular outcome of a function that
we've already analyzed.
This lets us efficiently replay the analysis when we see calls
to the function, providing an approximation of the behavior of
the function without having to execute within the function itself.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ call_summary()

ana::call_summary::call_summary ( per_function_data * per_fn_data,
const exploded_node * enode )

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump() [1/2]

void ana::call_summary::dump ( const extrinsic_state & ext_state,
bool simple ) const

◆ dump() [2/2]

void ana::call_summary::dump ( const extrinsic_state & ext_state,
FILE * fp,
bool simple ) const

◆ dump_to_pp()

void ana::call_summary::dump_to_pp ( const extrinsic_state & ext_state,
pretty_printer * pp,
bool simple ) const

◆ get_desc()

label_text ana::call_summary::get_desc ( ) const

◆ get_fndecl()

tree ana::call_summary::get_fndecl ( ) const

◆ get_state()

const program_state & ana::call_summary::get_state ( ) const

◆ get_user_facing_desc()

void ana::call_summary::get_user_facing_desc ( pretty_printer * pp) const

Field Documentation

◆ m_enode

const exploded_node* const ana::call_summary::m_enode

◆ m_per_fn_data

per_function_data* const ana::call_summary::m_per_fn_data

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