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ana::equiv_class_id Class Reference

#include <constraint-manager.h>

Public Member Functions

 equiv_class_id (unsigned idx)
const equiv_classget_obj (const constraint_manager &cm) const
equiv_classget_obj (constraint_manager &cm) const
bool operator== (const equiv_class_id &other) const
bool operator!= (const equiv_class_id &other) const
bool null_p () const
int as_int () const
void print (pretty_printer *pp) const
void update_for_removal (equiv_class_id other)

Static Public Member Functions

static equiv_class_id null ()
static equiv_class_id from_int (int idx)

Data Fields

int m_idx

Detailed Description

An ID for an equiv_class within a constraint_manager.  Internally, this
is an index into a vector of equiv_class * within the constraint_manager.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ equiv_class_id()

ana::equiv_class_id::equiv_class_id ( unsigned idx)

Referenced by from_int(), and null().

Member Function Documentation

◆ as_int()

int ana::equiv_class_id::as_int ( ) const

References m_idx.

◆ from_int()

static equiv_class_id ana::equiv_class_id::from_int ( int idx)

References equiv_class_id().

◆ get_obj() [1/2]

const equiv_class & ana::equiv_class_id::get_obj ( const constraint_manager & cm) const

◆ get_obj() [2/2]

equiv_class & ana::equiv_class_id::get_obj ( constraint_manager & cm) const

◆ null()

static equiv_class_id ana::equiv_class_id::null ( )

References equiv_class_id().

◆ null_p()

bool ana::equiv_class_id::null_p ( ) const

References m_idx.

Referenced by ana::constraint::constraint().

◆ operator!=()

bool ana::equiv_class_id::operator!= ( const equiv_class_id & other) const

References m_idx.

◆ operator==()

bool ana::equiv_class_id::operator== ( const equiv_class_id & other) const

References m_idx.

◆ print()

void ana::equiv_class_id::print ( pretty_printer * pp) const

◆ update_for_removal()

void ana::equiv_class_id::update_for_removal ( equiv_class_id other)

References m_idx.

Field Documentation

◆ m_idx

int ana::equiv_class_id::m_idx

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