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ana::exploded_graph Class Reference

#include <exploded-graph.h>

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Public Types

typedef hash_map< const call_string *, per_call_string_data * > call_string_data_map_t
typedef eg_traits::node_t node_t
typedef eg_traits::edge_t edge_t
typedef eg_traits::dump_args_t dump_args_t
typedef eg_traits::cluster_t cluster_t

Public Member Functions

 exploded_graph (const supergraph &sg, logger *logger, const extrinsic_state &ext_state, const state_purge_map *purge_map, const analysis_plan &plan, int verbosity)
 ~exploded_graph ()
loggerget_logger () const
const supergraphget_supergraph () const
const extrinsic_stateget_ext_state () const
engineget_engine () const
const state_purge_mapget_purge_map () const
const analysis_planget_analysis_plan () const
exploded_nodeget_origin () const
exploded_nodeadd_function_entry (const function &fun)
void build_initial_worklist ()
void process_worklist ()
bool maybe_process_run_of_before_supernode_enodes (exploded_node *node)
void process_node (exploded_node *node)
bool maybe_create_dynamic_call (const gcall *call, tree fn_decl, exploded_node *node, program_state next_state, program_point &next_point, uncertainty_t *uncertainty, logger *logger)
exploded_nodeget_or_create_node (const program_point &point, const program_state &state, exploded_node *enode_for_diag)
exploded_edgeadd_edge (exploded_node *src, exploded_node *dest, const superedge *sedge, bool could_do_work, std::unique_ptr< custom_edge_info > custom=NULL)
per_program_point_dataget_or_create_per_program_point_data (const program_point &)
per_program_point_dataget_per_program_point_data (const program_point &) const
per_call_string_dataget_or_create_per_call_string_data (const call_string &)
per_function_dataget_or_create_per_function_data (function *)
per_function_dataget_per_function_data (function *) const
void save_diagnostic (const state_machine &sm, const exploded_node *enode, const supernode *node, const gimple *stmt, stmt_finder *finder, tree var, state_machine::state_t state, pending_diagnostic *d)
diagnostic_managerget_diagnostic_manager ()
const diagnostic_managerget_diagnostic_manager () const
statsget_global_stats ()
statsget_or_create_function_stats (function *fn)
void log_stats () const
void dump_stats (FILE *) const
void dump_states_for_supernode (FILE *, const supernode *snode) const
void dump_exploded_nodes () const
json::objectto_json () const
exploded_nodeget_node_by_index (int idx) const
const call_string_data_map_tget_per_call_string_data () const
int get_scc_id (const supernode &node) const
void on_escaped_function (tree fndecl)
void detect_infinite_loops ()
void detect_infinite_recursion (exploded_node *enode)
exploded_nodefind_previous_entry_to (function *top_of_stack_fun, exploded_node *enode) const
void dump_dot_to_pp (pretty_printer *pp, cluster_t *root_cluster, const dump_args_t &args) const
void dump_dot_to_file (FILE *fp, cluster_t *root_cluster, const dump_args_t &args) const
void dump_dot (const char *path, cluster_t *root_cluster, const dump_args_t &args) const
void add_node (node_t *node)
void add_edge (edge_t *edge)

Data Fields

auto_delete_vec< node_tm_nodes
auto_delete_vec< edge_tm_edges

Private Types

typedef hash_map< const point_and_state *, exploded_node *, eg_hash_map_traitsmap_t
typedef hash_map< const program_point *, per_program_point_data *, eg_point_hash_map_traitspoint_map_t
typedef hash_map< function *, per_function_data * > per_function_data_t
typedef ordered_hash_map< function *, stats * > function_stat_map_t

Private Member Functions

void print_bar_charts (pretty_printer *pp) const
 DISABLE_COPY_AND_ASSIGN (exploded_graph)

Private Attributes

const supergraphm_sg
log_user m_logger
map_t m_point_and_state_to_node
point_map_t m_per_point_data
worklist m_worklist
const extrinsic_statem_ext_state
const state_purge_map *const m_purge_map
const analysis_planm_plan
per_function_data_t m_per_function_data
diagnostic_manager m_diagnostic_manager
stats m_global_stats
function_stat_map_t m_per_function_stats
stats m_functionless_stats
call_string_data_map_t m_per_call_string_data
auto_vec< int > m_PK_AFTER_SUPERNODE_per_snode
hash_set< function * > m_functions_with_enodes

Detailed Description

An exploded_graph is a directed graph of unique <point, state> pairs.
It also has a worklist of nodes that are waiting for their successors
to be added to the graph.   

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ call_string_data_map_t

◆ cluster_t

typedef eg_traits::cluster_t digraph< eg_traits >::cluster_t

◆ dump_args_t

typedef eg_traits::dump_args_t digraph< eg_traits >::dump_args_t

◆ edge_t

typedef eg_traits::edge_t digraph< eg_traits >::edge_t

◆ function_stat_map_t

◆ map_t

◆ node_t

typedef eg_traits::node_t digraph< eg_traits >::node_t

◆ per_function_data_t

◆ point_map_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ exploded_graph()

ana::exploded_graph::exploded_graph ( const supergraph & sg,
logger * logger,
const extrinsic_state & ext_state,
const state_purge_map * purge_map,
const analysis_plan & plan,
int verbosity )

◆ ~exploded_graph()

ana::exploded_graph::~exploded_graph ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_edge() [1/2]

exploded_edge * ana::exploded_graph::add_edge ( exploded_node * src,
exploded_node * dest,
const superedge * sedge,
bool could_do_work,
std::unique_ptr< custom_edge_info > custom = NULL )

◆ add_edge() [2/2]

void digraph< eg_traits >::add_edge ( edge_t * edge)
Add EDGE to this digraph, and to the preds/succs of its endpoints.
Take ownership of EDGE.   

◆ add_function_entry()

exploded_node * ana::exploded_graph::add_function_entry ( const function & fun)

◆ add_node()

void digraph< eg_traits >::add_node ( node_t * node)
Add NODE to this DIGRAPH, taking ownership.   

◆ build_initial_worklist()

void ana::exploded_graph::build_initial_worklist ( )

◆ detect_infinite_loops()

◆ detect_infinite_recursion()

void exploded_graph::detect_infinite_recursion ( exploded_node * enode)
Implementation of -Wanalyzer-infinite-recursion.

Called when adding ENODE to the graph, after adding its first in-edge.

For function entrypoints, see if recursion has occurred, and, if so,
check if the state of memory changed between the recursion levels,
which would suggest some kind of decreasing variant that leads to

For recursive calls where the state of memory is effectively unchanged
between recursion levels, warn with -Wanalyzer-infinite-recursion.   

References ana::diagnostic_manager::add_diagnostic(), ana::call_string::count_occurrences_of_function(), function::decl, find_previous_entry_to(), gcc_assert, ana::program_point::get_call_string(), get_diagnostic_manager(), ana::exploded_node::get_function(), get_logger(), ana::exploded_node::get_point(), ana::exploded_node::get_supernode(), ana::call_string::get_top_of_stack(), is_entrypoint_p(), ana::logger::log(), ana::call_string::element_t::m_caller, ana::exploded_node::m_index, ana::supernode::m_returning_call, make_unique(), and sufficiently_different_p().


ana::exploded_graph::DISABLE_COPY_AND_ASSIGN ( exploded_graph )

◆ dump_dot()

void digraph< eg_traits >::dump_dot ( const char * path,
cluster_t * root_cluster,
const dump_args_t & args ) const
Write .dot information for this graph to a file at PATH, passing ARGS
to the nodes and edges.
If ROOT_CLUSTER is non-NULL, use it to organize the nodes into clusters.   

◆ dump_dot_to_file()

void digraph< eg_traits >::dump_dot_to_file ( FILE * fp,
cluster_t * root_cluster,
const dump_args_t & args ) const
Write .dot information for this graph to FP, passing ARGS to the nodes
and edges.
If ROOT_CLUSTER is non-NULL, use it to organize the nodes into clusters.   

◆ dump_dot_to_pp()

void digraph< eg_traits >::dump_dot_to_pp ( pretty_printer * pp,
cluster_t * root_cluster,
const dump_args_t & args ) const
Write .dot information for this graph to PP, passing ARGS to the nodes
and edges.
If ROOT_CLUSTER is non-NULL, use it to organize the nodes into clusters.   

◆ dump_exploded_nodes()

void ana::exploded_graph::dump_exploded_nodes ( ) const

◆ dump_states_for_supernode()

void ana::exploded_graph::dump_states_for_supernode ( FILE * ,
const supernode * snode ) const

◆ dump_stats()

void ana::exploded_graph::dump_stats ( FILE * ) const

◆ find_previous_entry_to()

exploded_node * exploded_graph::find_previous_entry_to ( function * top_of_stack_fun,
exploded_node * enode ) const
Walk backwards through the eg, looking for the first
enode we find that's also the entrypoint of the same function.   

References hash_set< KeyId, Lazy, Traits >::add(), ana::exploded_node::get_function(), is_entrypoint_p(), ana::worklist::length(), dnode< GraphTraits >::m_preds, NULL, visited, and worklist.

Referenced by detect_infinite_recursion().

◆ get_analysis_plan()

const analysis_plan & ana::exploded_graph::get_analysis_plan ( ) const

References m_plan.

◆ get_diagnostic_manager() [1/2]

diagnostic_manager & ana::exploded_graph::get_diagnostic_manager ( )

◆ get_diagnostic_manager() [2/2]

const diagnostic_manager & ana::exploded_graph::get_diagnostic_manager ( ) const

References m_diagnostic_manager.

◆ get_engine()

engine * ana::exploded_graph::get_engine ( ) const

◆ get_ext_state()

const extrinsic_state & ana::exploded_graph::get_ext_state ( ) const

References m_ext_state.

◆ get_global_stats()

stats * ana::exploded_graph::get_global_stats ( )

References m_global_stats.

◆ get_logger()

logger * ana::exploded_graph::get_logger ( ) const

◆ get_node_by_index()

exploded_node * ana::exploded_graph::get_node_by_index ( int idx) const

◆ get_or_create_function_stats()

stats * ana::exploded_graph::get_or_create_function_stats ( function * fn)

◆ get_or_create_node()

exploded_node * ana::exploded_graph::get_or_create_node ( const program_point & point,
const program_state & state,
exploded_node * enode_for_diag )

◆ get_or_create_per_call_string_data()

per_call_string_data * ana::exploded_graph::get_or_create_per_call_string_data ( const call_string & )

◆ get_or_create_per_function_data()

per_function_data * ana::exploded_graph::get_or_create_per_function_data ( function * )

◆ get_or_create_per_program_point_data()

per_program_point_data * ana::exploded_graph::get_or_create_per_program_point_data ( const program_point & )

◆ get_origin()

exploded_node * ana::exploded_graph::get_origin ( ) const

References m_origin.

◆ get_per_call_string_data()

const call_string_data_map_t * ana::exploded_graph::get_per_call_string_data ( ) const

◆ get_per_function_data()

per_function_data * ana::exploded_graph::get_per_function_data ( function * ) const

◆ get_per_program_point_data()

per_program_point_data * ana::exploded_graph::get_per_program_point_data ( const program_point & ) const

◆ get_purge_map()

const state_purge_map * ana::exploded_graph::get_purge_map ( ) const

References m_purge_map.

◆ get_scc_id()

int ana::exploded_graph::get_scc_id ( const supernode & node) const

◆ get_supergraph()

const supergraph & ana::exploded_graph::get_supergraph ( ) const

References m_sg.

Referenced by starts_infinite_loop_p().

◆ log_stats()

void ana::exploded_graph::log_stats ( ) const

◆ maybe_create_dynamic_call()

bool ana::exploded_graph::maybe_create_dynamic_call ( const gcall * call,
tree fn_decl,
exploded_node * node,
program_state next_state,
program_point & next_point,
uncertainty_t * uncertainty,
logger * logger )

◆ maybe_process_run_of_before_supernode_enodes()

bool ana::exploded_graph::maybe_process_run_of_before_supernode_enodes ( exploded_node * node)

◆ on_escaped_function()

void ana::exploded_graph::on_escaped_function ( tree fndecl)

◆ print_bar_charts()

void ana::exploded_graph::print_bar_charts ( pretty_printer * pp) const

◆ process_node()

void ana::exploded_graph::process_node ( exploded_node * node)

◆ process_worklist()

void ana::exploded_graph::process_worklist ( )

◆ save_diagnostic()

void ana::exploded_graph::save_diagnostic ( const state_machine & sm,
const exploded_node * enode,
const supernode * node,
const gimple * stmt,
stmt_finder * finder,
tree var,
state_machine::state_t state,
pending_diagnostic * d )

◆ to_json()

json::object * ana::exploded_graph::to_json ( ) const

Field Documentation

◆ m_diagnostic_manager

diagnostic_manager ana::exploded_graph::m_diagnostic_manager

◆ m_edges

auto_delete_vec<edge_t> digraph< eg_traits >::m_edges

◆ m_ext_state

const extrinsic_state& ana::exploded_graph::m_ext_state

Referenced by get_engine(), and get_ext_state().

◆ m_functionless_stats

stats ana::exploded_graph::m_functionless_stats

◆ m_functions_with_enodes

hash_set<function *> ana::exploded_graph::m_functions_with_enodes

◆ m_global_stats

stats ana::exploded_graph::m_global_stats

Referenced by get_global_stats().

◆ m_logger

log_user ana::exploded_graph::m_logger

Referenced by get_logger().

◆ m_nodes

auto_delete_vec<node_t> digraph< eg_traits >::m_nodes

Referenced by detect_infinite_loops().

◆ m_origin

exploded_node* ana::exploded_graph::m_origin

Referenced by get_origin().

◆ m_per_call_string_data

call_string_data_map_t ana::exploded_graph::m_per_call_string_data

◆ m_per_function_data

per_function_data_t ana::exploded_graph::m_per_function_data

◆ m_per_function_stats

function_stat_map_t ana::exploded_graph::m_per_function_stats

◆ m_per_point_data

point_map_t ana::exploded_graph::m_per_point_data

◆ m_PK_AFTER_SUPERNODE_per_snode

auto_vec<int> ana::exploded_graph::m_PK_AFTER_SUPERNODE_per_snode

◆ m_plan

const analysis_plan& ana::exploded_graph::m_plan

Referenced by get_analysis_plan().

◆ m_point_and_state_to_node

map_t ana::exploded_graph::m_point_and_state_to_node

◆ m_purge_map

const state_purge_map* const ana::exploded_graph::m_purge_map

Referenced by get_purge_map().

◆ m_sg

const supergraph& ana::exploded_graph::m_sg

Referenced by get_supergraph().

◆ m_worklist

worklist ana::exploded_graph::m_worklist

Referenced by get_scc_id().

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