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ana::access_operation Struct Reference

#include <access-diagram.h>

Collaboration diagram for ana::access_operation:

Public Member Functions

 access_operation (const region_model &model, enum access_direction dir, const region &reg, const svalue *sval_hint)
region_model_managerget_manager () const
access_range get_valid_bits () const
access_range get_actual_bits () const
bool maybe_get_invalid_before_bits (access_range *out) const
bool maybe_get_invalid_after_bits (access_range *out) const

Data Fields

const region_modelm_model
enum access_direction m_dir
const regionm_reg
const svaluem_sval_hint
const regionm_base_region

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ access_operation()

ana::access_operation::access_operation ( const region_model & model,
enum access_direction dir,
const region & reg,
const svalue * sval_hint )

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_actual_bits()

access_range ana::access_operation::get_actual_bits ( ) const

◆ get_manager()

region_model_manager * ana::access_operation::get_manager ( ) const

◆ get_valid_bits()

access_range ana::access_operation::get_valid_bits ( ) const

◆ maybe_get_invalid_after_bits()

bool ana::access_operation::maybe_get_invalid_after_bits ( access_range * out) const

◆ maybe_get_invalid_before_bits()

bool ana::access_operation::maybe_get_invalid_before_bits ( access_range * out) const

Field Documentation

◆ m_base_region

const region* ana::access_operation::m_base_region

◆ m_dir

enum access_direction ana::access_operation::m_dir

◆ m_model

const region_model& ana::access_operation::m_model

Referenced by get_manager().

◆ m_reg

const region& ana::access_operation::m_reg

◆ m_sval_hint

const svalue* ana::access_operation::m_sval_hint

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