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ana::known_function Class Referenceabstract

#include <analyzer.h>

Inheritance diagram for ana::known_function:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~known_function ()
virtual bool matches_call_types_p (const call_details &cd) const =0
virtual void impl_call_pre (const call_details &) const
virtual void impl_call_post (const call_details &) const
virtual const builtin_known_functiondyn_cast_builtin_kf () const

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for simulating the behavior of known functions,
supplied by the core of the analyzer, or by plugins.
The former are typically implemented in the various kf*.cc   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~known_function()

virtual ana::known_function::~known_function ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ dyn_cast_builtin_kf()

virtual const builtin_known_function * ana::known_function::dyn_cast_builtin_kf ( ) const

Reimplemented in ana::builtin_known_function.

References NULL.

◆ impl_call_post()

virtual void ana::known_function::impl_call_post ( const call_details & ) const

◆ impl_call_pre()

virtual void ana::known_function::impl_call_pre ( const call_details & ) const

◆ matches_call_types_p()

virtual bool ana::known_function::matches_call_types_p ( const call_details & cd) const
pure virtual

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